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CCCC Xizhu Tunnel Equipment Series Products: Fully Hydraulic Intelligent Lining Trolley

July 09, 2024

The lining trolley is an important equipment in tunnel construction.,For lining the inner wall of the tunnel。Restricted by the low cost of domestic labor force and the high one-time investment cost of mechanized construction.,The mechanization level of tunnel drilling and blasting construction in China once stagnated.。With the continuous development of tunnel construction technology,,The technical requirements and performance requirements of the lining trolley are getting higher and higher.。At present,There are some problems with the lining trolleys on the market,If the operation is complicated、Inefficient、Poor reliability, etc,Unable to meet the high efficiency of tunnel construction、Safe、High quality requirements。

For these pain points,CCCC Xizhu has actively developed and optimizedCQSeries full-hydraulic intelligent lining trolley,Strive to break the technical bottleneck,Realize the high efficiency of tunnel construction、Safety and high quality。

CQSeries of fully hydraulic intelligent lining trolley not only inherits the advantages of traditional lining trolley,It also achieves breakthroughs in design and function.。Modular design concept,Flexible to meet the individual needs of different customers。At the same time,The trolley is equipped with an automatic rail transfer system.、Intelligent sub-bin pouring system、Novel material end template plugging system、Automatic pouring monitoring system、Intelligent functions such as intelligent anti-void early warning system and automatic vibration system,It greatly improves the intelligent level of the equipment.,Ffectively improve that construction efficiency and quality。

At present, the full hydraulic intelligent lining trolley has completed the trial production and commissioning work in the factory.,The successful development of the trolley,It not only fills in the blank of China Communications Group in the field of mountain tunnel equipment.,It also marks a new breakthrough of Xizhu Company in the field of tunnel installation.。



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