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20 Liugong 862H loaders are shipped in batches to help improve railway coal transshipment capacity

July 09, 2024

July 9,With the summer heat.,Liugong's Tide of Handover of Machinery Spreads Good News Again。20 Liugong 86 2HLoaders are shipped in bulk,Go to the northern region for coal handling and transshipment operations,To inject strong impetus into China's railway coal transportation industry。

As an important source of coal and energy consumption.,There is a large demand for coal transportation in northern China.,Every piece of equipment involved in railway coal transfer is facing severe cold in winter.、Severe tests such as changeable weather and high-intensity workload。

Liugong 862HLoaders are not only powerful,It can maintain stable and efficient operation state for a long time.,And precise control can be realize in that loading proces.,Ffectively reduce energy consumption,Plus the core components.、Reliable and durable structural parts, etc.,Safety performance pull full。With strong adaptability and reliability,862HLoaders have become indispensable in the field of coal transportation.“Soldier of steel”。

Since its inception,Liugong 862HLoaders have quickly gained wide recognition in the market with their excellent performance.。In every aspect of coal transportation,Whether it's a coal mining site or a railway transfer station.,You can see 862.HA busy figure。Its appearance,It not only effectively alleviates the pressure of coal transportation.,It also brings real economic benefits to customers.。

Engineer Liu knows very well,Behind every technological innovation,It is the feedback of customer trust.。Future,Engineer Liu will continue to uphold“Customer first,Innovation drives the future;Struggle is the foundation,Cooperation creates value”Core values,With better products and services,To contribute to the high-quality development of China's railway transportation and coal industry。



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