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New force of sanitation! Henan Environmental Sanitation Exhibition Rhinoceros Heavy Cars Shine Brilliantly, Many Star Models Detonate the Whole Court

July 09, 2024

July 9,The 9th Henan Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation and Solid Waste Treatment Expo was grandly opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center。It is highly trusted in Henan Province and even in the central region.、A highly influential benchmark exhibition,

This Henan Environmental Sanitation Exhibition brings together many leading enterprises in the industry.,It also witnessed the innovation and leap in the field of environmental sanitation science and technology.。Scientific and technological enterprises in the field of new energy commercial Vehicles——Xizhong Automobile made a heavy appearance with a number of new energy sanitation Vehicles.,With strong product line-ups and technical strength,Shine splendidly in this exposition,Become the focus of attention.。

A variety of star products,Meeting diverse sanitation needs

Since its inception,Rhinoceros Heavy Vehicle takes new energy technology as its core driving force.,Deepen technological innovation and product development in the field of new energy commercial vehicles,It has rapidly risen to become a scientific and technological enterprise attracting the attention of the industry.。At this exhibition,Rhinoceros Heavy Automobile made a glorious appearance with its five elaborate star models.,These products cover washing and sweeping vehicles.、Common vehicles such as cleaning vehicles and road maintenance vehicles,With its excellent performance、Environmentally friendly design and intelligent operating system,Successfully attracted wide attention and high praise from many audiences and professionals on the spot.。

Among,The rhinoceros weighs 7 tons.、The 18-ton sweeper is equipped with fully distributed electric drive technology.,The integrated drive module equipped on the upper part,40% reduction in volume and weight over conventional drive system%Above,Improved operational efficiency 15%Above,It achieves better cleaning ability, energy saving and environmental protection performance.;

 4.5-ton road maintenance vehicle is flexible,Minimum turning radius is only 6.5m,The cleaning function is diversified,Easily meet the challenge of urban fine cleaning;

The 18-ton Truck/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Cleaning Truck has a large volume of clean water tank,17 minutes of sprinkling operation can be completed by adding water once、100-minute cleaning operation,Electricity、Gas centralized control,Touch screen operation,Work more efficiently;

The 18-ton compression Truck/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Garbage Truck is equipped with an effective volume of 13m³The dumpster,Bidirectional compression technology is used to significantly increase the loading capacity of garbage,And is provide with an adjustable sealing loc device.,Effectively solve the problem of leakage。

The new energy sanitation vehicles produced by Xizhong Automobile are equipped with advanced intelligent sanitation system.,Perfect integration of technology and environmental protection。Through the system,Users can grasp the precise location of each vehicle in real time.、Real-time status and detailed operation data,Significantly reduce operating costs while improving operational efficiency,Make sanitation management more intelligent、Relaxed。

Integrate industrial advantages,Help build a beautiful China

Rhinoceros heavy car“Out of the circle”It is inseparable from the background of national policy and industry development.。In the near future,Issued by the State Council《Action plan to promote large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods》,Henan Province actively responds to the call of the state,Formulate《Implementation Plan for Promoting Large-scale Equipment Renewal and Replacing Old Consumer Goods with New in Henan Province》,Explicitly required by 2025,Except for emergency vehicles,Sanitation vehicles basically use new energy vehicles.,This provides an opportunity for the development of Xizhong Automobile.。

With a precise strategic vision,Xizhong Automobile integrates the superior resources of the industrial chain,Forward-looking choice of layout in Henan,Set up Henan Xi Re Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and establish Henan production base.。

The base has been built with advanced stamping.、Welding、Painting、Four major process production lines for final assembly,The planned annual production capacity is 1500 units.,Provide a strong capacity guarantee for the market。Relying on Henan rhinoceros weight and Henan production base,Xizhong Automobile deeply cultivates Henan market,Provide more personalization for customers、High-quality new energy sanitation vehicle products and convenience、Efficient pre-sales and after-sales services,The development of new energy automobile industry and the construction of green ecology in the Central Plains have added a lot of color.。

As a family, we have a responsibility.、A responsible enterprise,Xizhong Automobile has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services.,Contribute to the development of urban sanitation。Future,Xizhong Automobile will continue to drive the development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation.,Continuously improve the technical level of products,Provide customers with more efficiency、Environmental protection、Intelligent new energy sanitation vehicles,To make greater contributions to the green development of the Central Plains and the construction of a beautiful China。



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