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7000 hours of construction in one and a half years! Yutong Electric Rotary Drilling Rig Creates a Reliable and Efficient Legend

July 09, 2024

Average 25 days of construction per month,15 hours of construction per day,In a short period of one and a half years,Working time of a single Yutong electric Rotary Drilling Rig is 7000 hours.,It's not just the accumulation of numbers.,It also highlights the high efficiency and stability of the electric rotary drill.,It highlights its outstanding performance in reliability and durability.。

Figure:Background data of electric rotary drilling machine on July 8

Rotary Drilling Rig is the key foundation construction equipment.,Its performance and efficiency directly affect the progress and quality of the project.。Yutong 206 purchased by Shandong Expressway at the end of 2022AEPure electric rotary drill,It broke through the 7000-hour mark in just one and a half years.,Such strength is a serious challenge for any mechanical equipment.,Why can Yutong electric Rotary Drilling Rig create a legend of 7000 hours of high efficiency?


Core EIC·Autonomous control


As a new energy Vehicle,The absolute stability of the core three-power is the reliable and efficient nirvana skill of Yutong electric rotary drill.。Owned by YutongNearly 30 yearsAccumulation of experience in electric technology、Cumulative sales exceed200,000 unitsNew energy Vehicles、New energy smart control technology and key technology of power batteryWon the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice,Master the core of new energy“Three electricity”Technical strength enables high-quality development of electric construction machinery。Yutong Electric Rotary DrillHigh quality genes coming down in one continuous line,Relying on Group Rui ControlEPlatform to create electric rotary drill exclusiveD-PowerSuper-integrated motor chain,Stronger into the rock、The construction is more stable、Strong adaptability,Ensure the stability and durability of the electric rotary drill、Safe and reliable。


Seiko manufacturing·Quality cornerstone


During the manufacturing process,Yutong electric rotary drilling rig strictly follows high standards、Strict production process,Every component、Each system is carefully selected and rigorously tested,Ensure that it can still maintain good working condition under extreme working conditions.。Yutong Group is investing.1 billion yuan to build a world-class engineering technology center,It covers the electric control of the motor、Power Battery、EMC and other professional laboratories,Carry out extreme verification on the core EIC system in an all-round and systematic way within the company,And that reliability is effectively improve、Durability。


Motor direct drive·Reliable upgrade


Used by Yutong electric rotary drillMotor direct drive,Not only the mechanical structure is simplified,,More throughPrecise electronic control technology achieves smooth and efficient power output.,The incidence of mechanical failure is radically reduced.,It lays a solid foundation for the long-term stable operation of the equipment.。In addition,CarryD-powerSuper-integrated motor chain,New upgraded early warning system,Real-time monitoring of parts 100+,Early warning accuracy≥90%,Provide operators with timely、Accurate maintenance information,Help users to develop a more scientific and rational use plan,Further improve equipment reliability。

Future,Yutong Heavy Equipment will be based on industry demand,Continue to give full play to technological advantages,Lead the industry with more comprehensive advantages、Promoting green and high-quality development of the industry!



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