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FPT was invited to attend TMC 2024 to lead the innovation trend of electric drive system

July 09, 2024

4-5 July,The 16th Annual Meeting of Automotive Power System Technology(TMC 2024)It was held in Qingdao。At the annual meeting“Gather global innovative technologies,Promoting the integration of the whole industrial chain”As the theme,Focus electric drive、Hybrid、Drive motor、Power semiconductor and commercial Vehicle power system,Exchange and share the deep innovation achievements of the industry,Looking forward to the long-term development trend of electric drive system。Fiat Power Technology was invited to attend the meeting.,Discuss innovation with industry colleagues,Lead the trend together。

Mr. Zhou Junwei, Key Account Director of Fiat Power Technology, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting.。He elaborated on the company's electric innovation achievements and plans in depth.,Research and development of shared electric drive system、Rich experience and cases of application,And development and integration capabilities in the field of powertrain.。

At present,Electric product line of Fiat Power Technology,Comprehensive coverage of the 2nd generation electric drive bridge、Central drive system、Passenger car battery pack, etc,Can meet the diverse needs of users。

Among,2nd Generation Electric Drive Bridge ProductseAX 375-R Suitable for medium and heavy duty applications,While taking into account the volume of the battery pack and the commercial load output,And has high reliability、Powerful、Low noise and other advantages,Peak wheel end torque up to 30,000 Nm,System efficiency greater than 92%,Adopt multi-gear transmission device,Delivers high performance and outstanding efficiency,Durability up to 1.6 million km。In addition,It is also scalable and highly adaptable,Able to meet different power assembly requirements,Outstanding performance in a variety of application scenarios。

April 2022,Carry840RDouble-motor electric drive bridgeNicholasTre 6X2 Tractor mass production off the production line,From zero to mass production,It took only three years.,And has obtained the European Union as well as the American market related announcement authentication.。And based oneAx840 upgradedNew generation of electric drive bridgeeAX 750-R,An integrated inverter is used,Weight reduced by 25%,Torque increase 22%,The efficiency has been greatly improved,Durability can reach up to 1.6 million kilometers according to different application scenarios.。

In addition,Fiat Powertech also works closely with Maserati,Adopt 100 for its first paragraph%A pure electric car Gran Turismo FolgoreProvideFront and rear axleseAX-300FAndeAX-600R,This provides the Vehicle with the highest level of power density(Up to 4.83 kW/kg)。

Successful Application of Electric Drive Axle in Vehicle,It fully demonstrates Fiat's strong strength in the field of electrification.。Nowadays,From requirement management and decomposition、System design and optimization,To software development and calibration、Digital Twin and Simulation、Integration test and verification,Fiat Power Technology has complete powertrain development and integration capabilities.。

Mr. Zhou Junwei said in his speech.,At present, Fiat Power Technology has been widely used in the field of vehicle electric drive system.,Accumulated rich experience,“We will continue to innovate and break through in technology.,Global layout、Continuous efforts in customer service and other aspects,Join hands with partners to create value,Jointly promote the development of green environmental protection industry。”

On the road of technological innovation,Fiat Power Technology never stops.。As part of the Iveco Group, we are committed to designing、Brands that produce and sell low environmental impact powertrains,Fiat Power Technology has always focused on the innovation and development of power system.,Continuous strengthening in electric drive、Development of new energy field。He was invited to attend the 16th Annual Conference on Automotive Power System Technology.,It fully demonstrates the company's strong technological innovation strength.,It also conveys a firm commitment to sustainable development to the industry.。



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