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Special training for Yutong Heavy Equipment's key customers, enabling customers to develop with high quality

July 09, 2024

Empower customers,Promoting high-quality development。

Yutong Heavy Equipment is based on the high-quality development needs of the industry.,Take on the mission of industry leader, Yu Facing Hubei in early July 2024、Chongqing has the demand to ram the big customer to hold as scheduled.“Special training of dynamic compaction”Activity。This training covers the operation and management of dynamic compaction equipment.、Personnel management、Multiple dimensions of project management to empower customers,Help the customer use the car well、Take care of the car、Reduce costs、Increased output value。


Pilot Innovation Enabling Customers

The special training of dynamic compaction,Yutong Heavy Equipment actively responds to market demand,Take the initiative、Important measures for precise policy implementation。Through systematic training courses,Yutong Heavy Equipment not only demonstrates its dynamic compaction hydraulic pressure,、Deep knowledge of electrical principles,The latest technological achievements and practical experience will be selflessly shared with every customer participating in the training.,Aims to build a strong technology for customers、Dynamic compaction management and construction team with standard operation。


Precision docking deepens understanding

Yutong Heavy Equipment Trainer focuses on physical identification of dynamic compaction、Complete machine operation drill,It focuses on the significant differences between the new Yutong dynamic Compactor and the old products before 2015.。Through intuitive comparison and in-depth analysis,Help students quickly grasp the features of new products,Effectively avoid operational confusion caused by technical iteration。The setting of this link,It not only deepens customers' understanding of Yutong Heavy Equipment Product System,It also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent efficient construction.。


Actual combat drill Effective promotion

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth.。Yutong Heavy Equipment has specially arranged practical operation links such as the whole machine operation drill and common fault analysis and solution.。Under the guidance of the trainer,The students do it themselves.,Simulate real construction scenario,Learn how to quickly identify and solve problems that may occur during dynamic compaction。This teaching mode of combining theory with practice,It greatly improves the students' skill level and ability to cope with complex working conditions.。

This special training for key customers not only marks the further deepening of the cooperative relationship between Yutong Heavy Equipment and customers, but also marks the further deepening of the cooperative relationship between Yutong Heavy Equipment and customers.,It highlights the responsibility and responsibility of Yutong Heavy Equipment as a leading enterprise in the industry.。Future,Yutong Heavy Equipment will continue to uphold“Customer-centric”The idea of,Ongoing training activities,Hand in hand with our customers,Vigorously promote the high-quality development of the dynamic compaction industry。



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