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Linde Narrow Channel Three-way Stacking Forklift, the All-round Player of Warehouse Intensive Storage

July 09, 2024

A pharmaceutical company is aSpecializing in chemical raw materials、PreparationAndResearch and development of pharmaceutical intermediates、ProductionAndSaleYesHigh-tech enterprises,By virtue of the advantages of the industrial chain、Product quality advantage、Scale advantage and good market reputation,It is in the leading position in the field of subdivision.,Gradually build intoProduction base of antipyretic analgesics in China、High-end vitamin production base、Characteristic API R & D base、High-end preparation export base

The enterpriseAndLinde ForkliftKeep itNearly 20 yearsA partnership,In the face of growing and changing business needs,Lind passedPerfect product lineAndProfessional FangCase capacity,Always provide customers with tailored intralogistics solutions。

In recent years,With the customerThe rapid development of business,Products are becoming more and more abundant,YesType of raw materialAndDemand for Storage LocatorIncreasing。In its latest project of modern raw material central warehouse,,The enterpriseHand in handLinde Forklift,Jointly created a high standardNarrow-channel compact storage rack

ForThere are many kinds of goods,The size of the tray is too large,PromoteHeight required to be 17.5 meters,Linde Forklift is based on the actual working conditions and use requirements of the site.,BuiltSuitable narrow aisle rack solution,And combineLinde Narrow-aisle Three-way Stacking Forklift,RealizedHigh-shelf, high-density storage。

Compared to other dense storage solution1Double depth shelfBecauseLimitations of dual depth shelf format,Suitable for use inThe category of goods is relatively singleThere is no restriction on the order of issue and receipt.Working condition of,And that maximum lif height is about 11 meters.;Compared with Linde's narrow aisle three-way stacking forklift, Linde's narrow aisle three-way stacking forklift has a higher degree of freedom in picking and placing goods.,At the same time, the maximum lifting height can reach more than 18 meters.,And that residual bear capacity is far greater than that of the double-depth forklift.。2Stacker stereoLibrary

StackerMainly applicable toHigh demand for automationWorking condition of,Certain software threshold requirements,And due toStacker Need Fixed on、Get off the track,Not easy to move or change the shelf layout,But also for the customization of large-sized goods.,The cost of the scheme will be greatly increased.。

Linde Narrow-aisle Three-way Stacking ForkliftBesidesHigh storage density,Flexible access to goodsOutside,Return the setEfficient、Safe、StableAnd other functions in one.。


Integral chassis,Through finite element force analysis,The chassis is stable,Low center of gravity,And that stress is more uniform,The residual bearing capacity is stronger. 

Integral gantry,The side is hollowed out,Further reduce the center of gravity of the Vehicle while ensuring the strength,The vibration is small,High strength

OptionalASA Roadway intelligent safety module realizes regional obstacle identification for different regions,Deceleration at the end of the channel,Roadway positioning function and other functions

Emergency rescue alert,When the driver loses consciousness,In an emergency situation.,Attract attention,Get help in time

Battery side locking device with electronic detection,Prevent the battery from sliding out of the Vehicle body


Full AC motor,Equipped with three independent power modules andCAN-BusBus System,Command control and diagnosis are more stable and efficient

LSC Linde System Controller,Optimize all forklift movements,Improve efficiency

Man-machine rational panel design,Control all movements of the forklift without moving the hands,Meet the requirements of efficient operation

Standard Battery Side Replacement,The standby battery can be replaced quickly.,Meet the continuous operation requirements of heavy working conditions

Automatic completion of altitude initialization after startup,Immediately put into normal operation

Linde Narrow-aisle Three-way Stacking ForkliftIt can be saidIs in a dense storage schemaYesAll-around player,Not only is the storage density high,But also can utilize the height and space of the storehouse to the maximum extent.,It's okay at the same timeCompatible with multiple cargo types、Multiple pallet sizes are used in the same shelf area,It greatly provides the flexibility of storage location.,But also can meet the use working condition of picking operation.,For the increasingly complex internal logistics needs of enterprises,Offer more possibilities and options。



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