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The fifth "Linde Cup" Guangdong Jiangmen Station came to a successful conclusion.

July 09, 2024

In Guangdong, a land full of vitality and opportunities,Fifth Session“The Lind Cup”Global Forklift Skills Competition Guangdong Jiangmen Station CompetitionHot start,FromShenzhen,Guangzhou,Zhuhai,Zhanjiang,Jiangmen,HeshanEtc25 excellent teamsCompete on the same stage,Gather in Heshan to compare skills,Bright unique skill!


This competition revolves aroundIndividual competition“Slam Dunk”、Team game“Five-ring relay”Two projects were launched.,It provides a competitive stage for many excellent players to show their skills and elegance.。The design of this competition system is fair and just.,It provides a professional and equal competitive environment for every contestant.。In the course of the game,The players are fully committed.,ManipulatingLinde New Energy TramAccurately complete a series of prescribed actions.,It has shown an amazing performance in various challenges.。After several rounds of fierce competition,FinalNorthbell Cosmetics Co., LtdThe participating teams stood out by virtue of their outstanding performance.,Won this awardJiangmen Station Selection Station Champion 。


At the same time,The scene is also specially set up.Forklift model display area。Many key models are arranged neatly.,Outstanding performance,The quality is reliable,Attract the attention of customers,It shows Linde's innovative logistics technology and strong brand strength.。

In addition,The competition is also innovative.“Linde Cup Tik Tok Talent Challenge-1 Minute Pallet Handling Challenge“,Let the contestants in just one minute.,Precise handling and stacking,Show off your skills and speed.。This online challenge is full of creativity and fun.,It adds a different charm to the whole event.。

About“The Lind Cup”


“The Lind Cup”China Forklift Professional Skills Competition was founded in 2007.,Known as the world of forklifts“The Olympic Games”,With more players、Wide range、Large scale、Known for its high degree of difficulty,Challenging and entertaining。The first competition set a Guinness World Record in Shanghai.。The competition aims to encourage front-line forklift workers to improve their awareness of safe operation and work efficiency through the competition.,Improve the efficiency of logistics operation under the premise of safety;At the same time,Also through the competition,Provide a platform for forklift workers to show their skills and exchange their competition,To train more skilled talents for the society,To contribute to China's efficient logistics。Eighteen years of perseverance,Ushered in the fifth“The Lind Cup”Forklift race,From the first to the present,It has covered more than 230 cities across the country.,More than 5000 enterprises and more than 10000 contestants are actively participating in the competition.。



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