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Protect material handling with green power: Hester J2.0-7.0XTLG high-voltage lithium electric forklift

July 09, 2024

Protect Material Handling with green power●●

HesterJ2.0-7.0XTLGSeries high-voltage lithium-ion forkliftIt continues the concept of green low-carbon.,Deep integration of technology and environmental protection。This product better meets the user's indoor and outdoor requirements.、Site requirements for complex working conditions,To further build a brand with strong and environmentally friendly productivity!

Adhering to the brand history

· This series of Vehicles is equipped with triple insulation monitoring system,The safety and reliability of the Vehicle are guaranteed to the greatest extent.

· Efficient power output combined with ideal operating temperatures,Comparable to or even surpassing internal combustion Vehicles。

The application of each scene is easy.,It shows its excellent dynamic performance everywhere.。



  Deliver efficient productivity

  High reliability to ensure driver safety

√  Excellent driving speed and carrying capacity

  The configuration is rich,Applicable to multiple application scenarios

  Ergonomic design makes driving more comfortable

Hyster Forklift is alwaysPromote high-quality development in the field of Material Handling and continue to work hard,Cross-border、Lixin,Tailored for heavy and harsh working conditions2-7t high voltage lithium battery seriesEvery inch of product innovation is an insight into and exploration of user needs.

Hester Forklift has beenCommunicate“Value for money”The concept ofTo the client,Lowest TCO Forklift System



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