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Green XCMG Future Jiuyuan | XCMG Complete Set of Charging and Replacing Products Offline Release

July 09, 2024

July 8,Grand Ceremony Held for the First Set of Power Battery Box and Complete Set of Charging and Replacing Products of Xugong Jiuhang,It is Xugong's development of new quality productivity.,Layout of another important project for new energy commercial Vehicles,It is also grasped by Xuzhou High-tech Zone.“Double Carbon”Industrial opportunities,Building a new energy industry chain around the main chain enterprises、Another result of the innovation chain。


Standing Committee of Xuzhou Municipal Committee、Secretary of Tongshan District Party Committee、Gong Weifang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone,District chief Yu Fan,Xugong Group、Chairman of XCMG、Party Secretary Yang Dongsheng,Sun Lei, General Manager of XCMG,Xia Yongyong, deputy general manager of Xugong Group, attended the event.,Relevant government leaders、Shanghai Jiuhang、China Merchants Bank、Bank of Jiangsu、More than 130 persons in charge of XCMG participated in the activity.。



To“New”Break through   Beg“Quality” Climbing the Height


Gong Weifang said,Xugong Jiuhang is an innovative high-tech enterprise with strong alliance.,Relying on the profound manufacturing background of XCMG and the leading advantages of Shanghai Jiuhang in charging and switching technology,It will accelerate its growth into a leading enterprise in the charging and switching industry.、The star of tomorrow who leads the new energy track。I hope Xugong Jiuhang will take this product offline as an opportunity.,Give full play to the advantages of core technology、First-mover market advantage,Create a brand with ingenuity,Accelerate the release of production capacity,Continuously climb the new peak of enterprise development。

Yang Dongsheng pointed out,First set of power battery box assembly、Charging equipment、Centralized offline of power exchange station,It means a lot、The impact is far-reaching!It marks that XCMG has developed products in the field of complete sets of charging and switching equipment.、Mass production、Integrated operational capability for stable delivery,It has laid a solid foundation for further strengthening and expanding the new energy pillar industry.。Xugong Group will also take this opportunity.,Give greater play to industrial advantages、Resource advantage and technological advantage,Continuously build new advantages for the ecological development of the new energy industry chain、Enhance new kinetic energy。

March into green   Build another one“City”


In the country“Dual-carbon strategy”Under the guidance of,Xugong Anchor vigorously develops new energy“Three electricity”Technology and large-scale application of key core components,Comprehensively strengthen the new energy industry chain,Strive to be the pioneer of new energy transformation in the industry。


January 29, 2024


XCMG and Jiuhang Energy,Xugong Jiuhang was established!R & D and manufacturing of charging and replacement products in the new energy industry chain of the complementary chain,Jointly create the surging power of XCMG's complete set of new energy products。

February 7, 2024



As of May 2024


Construction work of Xugong Jiuhang started。In just five months.,Xugong Jiuhang realizes batch offline of products,Out on the green track.“XCMG speed”。The production line is highly automated,Seamless connection of all links,To ensure that every product has undergone strict quality testing.,Achieve the first-class quality standards in the industry。

The products released in this centralized offline include an integrated double-gun DC pile.、Low voltage DC charging pile、Digging, loading, transportation and transportation system type power exchange unit、MINIPower exchange station、800 series power exchange station, etc.。


Covering high-power charging equipment,From 20kWTo 400kWFlexible configuration;

New generation is adopted for excavation, transportation and unified productsCTBBattery technology,Battery volume density increased by 25%Above

Complete product series of power exchange station、The whole scene is applicable,Power change time up to 4 minutes to 1.5 minutes,Skid-mounted design,48 hours to complete landing。



Future,Xugong Jiuxing will further strengthen internal coordination,Jointly promote technological upgrading、Product iteration,Promote the establishment of new standards for charging and replacement of construction machinery,Enhance the competitiveness of XCMG's complete set brand,Complementary chain of new energy industry chain,Realize the car-Station-Pile-Battery integration market promotion,Jointly promote the rapid development of Xugong's new energy industry。



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