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XCMG Pioneer | Wuhua "Tiantuan", please debut in situ!

July 09, 2024

“OMG!Have you heard?,It's today,Xugong has it unexpectedly‘Tiantuan’I want to make my debut?”

“A big revelation!Inside information,The editor of XCMG has been closed for 100 days.,StudiedNA team,Get 1000 Secrets of Success。”

Excuse me,Xiaobian, I, I, I really can't roll.,Tell everyone the truth——(Reverse)

Xugong TiantuanN Many

Xiaobian here to choose a few.

Do what others dare not do.,Do what others can't do.

An excellent team.

Destined to be a landscape

The current line has become the pace of the times.

Everyone on this team.

It is also the promoter of the times.

High-end Tiantuan

With a thunderous momentum,Subvert industry conventions,The iron rule of three years has become the past.。Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on this man.,How to cherish the muscles and bones, body and skin,The direction of idealism,Be indomitable。Let all newly developed Vehicles realize the autonomy of Vehicle control.,The Road of High Quality Development,That's how I got out.!

Intelligent Tiantuan

There is such a group of explorers.,They steer with wisdom.、Sweat is the sail,Sailing in the Boundless Digital Ocean。Countless days and nights of exploration and practice,They have the courage to break through、Dare to innovate,Enabling Digital Innovation,Making Intelligent Manufacturing a Reality,Promote high-quality development“Maximum increment”。

Green Sky Group

Green,It's a symbol of life.、The background of nature,It is also the background of high-quality development.。They carry“Green construction”Flag,From zero to one,Leading the trend of green energy-saving construction industry。Take the future as paper.,New EnergyXREThe 268 Rotary Drilling Rig is“Pen”,A magnificent picture of new energy is slowly unfolding.。

Serve the Tiantuan

On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,A silk banner,There can be multiple?“Exquisite service, customer first”,Just eight words.,It is a heavy affirmation of XCMG's service personnel.。In the snowstorm,The service engineer of XCMG is always here.。As the customer said:“The service of XCMG is really good.”。

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has never been short of thrilling stories.,On a snowy night on the plateau at an altitude of 4000 meters,They walked on the icy road.;By the collapsed tunnel.,They save“Lost”The loader。Dial 400-110-9999,A phone call,We're right here!!!

That's not right, Editor ,From Xugong“Half of the country”,What about our overseas group????

Sorry,The editor is really a little lazy in this issue.,Xugong International Group,The next issue will continue to be wonderful!!



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