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Xinzhu Jiaotong Branch's Participation in the Construction of Tajik Projects Helps the Two Countries Achieve Mutual Benefit and Win-Win

July 09, 2024

July 5, 2024,On the occasion of a state visit to Tajikistan,President Xi Jinping in Tajikistan《The People's Daily》And the Khovar National News Agency published a report entitled《Jointly create a bright future for China-Tajikistan relations》A signed article。The article points out“We work together、Mutual benefit and win-win……China-Tajikistan Highway Built by Chinese Enterprises、Yawan-The Wahdat Railway Tunnel connects the east, west, north and south of Tajikistan.。”

The China-Tajikistan Highway mentioned in the article,It is the main highway connecting Tajikistan and China's Karakoram Highway.,It starts from Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan in the west.,Through Kulyab, an important town in the south of Khatlon Oblast、From Khorog, the capital of Badakhshan State, to Kuolemai Port on the border between China and Tajikistan(The Chinese side is Karasu Port.),The total length is about 998 kilometers.,It has the most important position in the road network of Tajikistan.,Yes“The Belt and Road”Initiate important projects in the Central Asian market,It is of great significance to the trade cooperation between China and Tajikistan.。

The first phase of the China-Tajikistan Highway was completed and opened to traffic in 2014.,At present, some key sections of the second phase of China-Tajikistan Highway are being implemented.,Total length of the project: 92.Three kilometers,16 new bridges、2 tunnels 5.2 km、Myeongdong is 600 meters。Chengdu Xinzhu Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. has supplied all bridge bearings and bridge expansion devices for this project.。

Russian standards, which are not common in the industry, are adopted in the design of the second phase of the China-Tajikistan Highway Project.,It brings some difficulties to the design and production of the company's products.,In the case of a very tight schedule,Business personnel of Beijing Branch quickly organize the company's technical force,The standard transformation was completed in a short time.,Product design,Sample production、Testing and a series of other work,And assist the general conTractor to complete the international road transportation、Fast customs clearance,Send the products to the project site in time.,Ensure smooth construction of the project,The product quality and service capability of Xinzhu Jiaotong Branch have also been recognized by the general conTractor.。

The Central Asian region is“The Belt and Road”Key regional markets for cooperation in infrastructure construction,Except for Zhongta Highway Phase II Project,In 2024, Xinjiaoke also won the bid for Tajikistan's Central Asian Regional Link in Central Asia.,Georgia North-South Corridor and other projects。So far,Newly Built Bridge Component Products Already in Pakistan、Kazakhstan、Tajikistan、Kyrgyzstan、Georgia、Used in projects in Armenia and other Central Asian countries。In January this year, the company also sent staff to participate in the 2024 organized by Chengdu Rail Transit Industry Association.“Form a group to go to sea”Central Asia Regional Market Investigation Activities,It shows the determination of Xinzhujiaoke to vigorously develop the Central Asian regional market.。Xinzhujiaoke is one of the leading bridge component manufacturers in the industry.,Will be facing overseas“Walk out”Continuously improve the ability of enterprises in the journey.,Build brand value,Striding forward to the international first-class bridge component enterprise。



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