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Heavy equipment of the country | Liugong LD60D bulldozer shipped overseas in batches!

July 09, 2024

Recently,More than ten LiugongLD60DBulldozers have been loaded and shipped to key overseas markets.,This timeLD60DLarge-scale export of Bulldozers,It is an important step in the internationalization strategy of Liugong Bulldozer.。This batch of 600 horsepower large bulldozers for mining will be delivered on overseas orders.,Coincides with Liugong Bulldozer Business Production Boom,Rapid response of each department of bulldozer、Rapid coordination,Production work overtime to achieve delivery on schedule,Finally, the goal of doubling the production capacity of large bulldozers was achieved.。

Engineer LiuLD60DBulldozer,It is one of the flagship products of Liugong bulldozer business for global customers.,As the largest bulldozer of Liugong,Integration of the latest technology and design concepts。

Surging power of high-energy movement
With Cummins engine,High power,455kW,610 horsepower,Low noise、Low fuel consumption,Good transient response of engine,High torque reserve,Adapt to high temperature、Plateau、High dust、Strong adaptability to cold working conditions,Easily meet the challenges of various extreme working conditions。

The most important weapon of the country is unique.
Equipped with the world's unique two-speed steering system,Provide the industry with great traction and meet efficient productivity;Big and remarkable,The machine is very important,Strong operation ability;The blade is large,Increase dozing capacity and productivity,Work more efficiently;The whole machine is made of thickened wear-resistant steel.,High-strength structure ensures smooth and safe operation。In addition,LD60DPay more attention to the driver's comfort and safety,The cab is spacious and bright,Wide field of vision,Equipped with advanced shock absorption system and human-computer interaction interface,Work efficiency and operation safety are greatly improved.。

In recent years,Liugong Bulldozer Actively Expands Global Business Territory,It has established a stable sales and service network in many countries and regions.,Won a wide range of customer trust and praise.。The bulldozers exported this time will serve many large-scale overseas projects.,Including power plants and coal mines、Mining and urban infrastructure construction, etc.,Help local economic and social development。

Success comes from cooperation,Win-win is the long-term way.,At present, customers from many countries have come to visit and test drive.。Standing at a new historical starting point,Engineer Liu will use this timeLD60DBulldozer batch export as an opportunity,Further deepen the global market layout,Speed up the pace of technological innovation,Enhance the brand's international influence。Liugong will join hands with global partners,Explore the future trend of construction machinery industry,Contribute to the promotion of global economic integration and sustainable development。



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