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Car Tips | XGMA Electric Loader Charging Pile Standard Charging Operation Guide

July 09, 2024

Nowadays,With the increasingly wide application of electric loaders.

It is believed that many drivers are in urgent need of understanding and mastery.

How to use charging piles safely and efficiently

Today, let's talk about charging piles.

Detailed specification of operation steps


Preparation before charging

1. Ensure the safety of the environment around the charging pile、Dry、Good ventilation,And away from flammability、Explosive and corrosive articles。

2. Check whether the charging pile is in normal operation,Display screen、Whether the indicator light is normal。

3. Turn off the one-touch start switch of the electric loader,Put the Vehicle in the lower high pressure state。

4. The low-voltage main power switch cannot be turned off.,Otherwise, it cannot be charged。


Connect the charging pile

1. Remove the charging gun from the charging point,Insert the charging gun into the charging interface of the electric loader.,Make sure the connection is secure、No looseness。

2. Confirm that the charging gun is fully matched with the interface,Avoid damage caused by forced insertion。

3.  Single gun is slow charging,Double guns for fast charging。



Precautions during charging

1. During charging,Do not place sundries around the charging pile and charging gun.,Ensure good heat dissipation。

2. Pay close attention to the display screen of the charging pile.,Know the progress of charging、 Electric current 、Voltage and other information。If there is an exception,Uch as a fault prompt、Unstable current and voltage, etc.,Charging should be stopped immediately,And contact professionals to deal with it.。

3. Do not start the electric loader or perform other operations while charging。



Operation after charging is completed

1. When the charging pile display screen shows that the charging is completed,Press the stop button on the charging post first.。At this time,The charging point will stop outputting power to the electric loader.。Some charging pile brands are charged to 100%The power will be cut off automatically.。

2. Wait a few seconds.,Completely stop the flow of current between the charging gun and the electric loader。

3. Then carefully pull out the charging gun.,Be careful not to pull the charging cable.,Prevent damage to cables or connector。

4. After pulling out the charging gun,Check whether the charging interfaces of the charging gun and the electric loader are abnormal.,Uch as overheating、Deformation, etc。

5. Put the charging gun back to the designated position of the charging point.,And ensure that the charging gun is placed firmly,Avoid damage caused by dropping。




Treatment method for charging gun unable to be pulled out after charging

If the charging gun cannot be pulled out after charging is completed,Do not pull forcibly。First,Confirm again that the charging pile has stopped charging.。 Then ,Check if the locking device is not unlocked,Unlock according to the operating instructions of the charging point。If it still cannot be pulled out,This may be due to a stuck connector, etc.,Please contact the after-sales service personnel of the charging pile in time for handling.。



Precautions for daily maintenance of charging pile

1. Regularly clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the charging point,Avoid the influence of accumulated dust on heat dissipation and normal operation。

2. Check whether the grounding of the charging pile is in good condition,Ensure the safety of electricity in the charging process。

3. Pay attention to the waterproof performance of the charging pile,Avoid damage caused by rain or wet environment.。

4. Regularly check the electrical connection part of the charging point,Uch as a plug、Socket, etc,Make sure that the connections are tight,No looseness、Oxidation and other phenomena。

5. For outdoor charging piles,Attention should be paid to checking its protective facilities.,Uch as an awning、Whether the rain cover is in good condition。

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      Correct charging operation is an important link to ensure the normal operation of XGMA electric loader and prolong the battery life.。I hope you will strictly follow the above steps for charging.。If you have any questions or need help,Please feel free to contact our after-sales service team。

XGMA official customer service hotline:400-6618-668



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