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Ingenious Escort Saudi Arabia Project Construction, Sincere Service of Zoomlion Sets Industry Benchmark

July 09, 2024

“Sincere service·Heart love”,This is the service concept of Zoomlion.,It is also a true portrayal of its service.。Saudi Arabia is located in the subtropical high pressure belt.,The temperature here often reaches 50 in summer.℃Up and down,It tests the construction equipment.,It also tests the people who are working here.。The service personnel of Zoomlion are in such an environment.,In time、Initiative、Provide service guarantee for customers intimately,Win a good reputation,Let the Aurora green blossom everywhere in this desert.。

Zoomlion Excavator fleet in Saudi Arabia

The King Salman Wilderness Park project under construction in Saudi Arabia,Hundreds of Zoomlion cranes、Excavators and other equipment are making every effort to help build。In order to better protect the use of equipment,Zoomlion service engineers come here almost every month to do an inspection of the equipment.。

Tang Xianghui, service manager of Zoomlion's Saudi subsidiary, said.:“The project conditions in Saudi Arabia are quite special.。Like an Excavator,There is a lot of work that needs to be broken,And it's basically 24/7.,The vibration on the pipeline will be particularly large.。So every inspection,We will focus on the boom and arm of the excavator.,Then it will also be on the pipeline of the equipment.、Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the external circuit, etc.。It takes about three days for an inspection tour.。”

Zoomlion service engineers are inspecting the equipment.

The high-quality service experience benefits from the construction of Zoomlion.“End-to-end、Digitize、Localization”Overseas business system。With the support of this system,,The information and problems collected by the overseas service team of Zoomlion are fed back to the headquarters.,Quick access to technical support from headquarters,Equipment failures can be resolved more efficiently for local customers。

Like once.,King Salman Wilderness Park Project,After a long period of continuous operation of an excavator,The arm has a problem with bolts falling off.,The service person submitted the problem to the system the day before,The next morning, I received a technical transformation notice from the headquarters in Changsha, Hunan.,Several solutions are provided above,Including material fabrication methods and detailed drawings。

Liu Jianwei, manager of Zoomlion's Saudi subsidiary, said.:“Our service system can also provide predictive maintenance for overseas equipment.、Fault diagnosis, etc,Often before the problem has occurred.,We can detect the maintenance needs of the equipment.,And then perform active service.。”It's this kind of speed、Thoughtful、Thoughtful service experience,Let Zoomlion be widely recognized in Saudi Arabia。

In addition to the high efficiency brought by digitalization.,Subsidiaries of Zoomlion around the world、Service outlets also provide a solid guarantee for the timeliness of services.,Many spare parts are available in these outlets.,Be able to directly support the maintenance service of Zoomlion。

Zoomlion equipment in Saudi Arabia

At present,Zoomlion has been formed in Saudi Arabia.“1+4+4”Network layout,It has achieved full coverage of Saudi Arabia's major markets.。Zoomlion is continuing to set high standards、High value、Service with high satisfaction,Solve problems for customers,Make China's equipment manufacturing brand more popular overseas.,Help overseas markets continue to achieve new breakthroughs。



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