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Flood fighting and rescue, sharing the burden of wind and rain, temporary workers are always ready!

July 09, 2024

Rainstorm in Linyi

Recently,Linyi, Shandong, was hit by a heavy rainfall rarely seen in history.,Starting at 3 a.m. on July 7.,By the early morning of July 8,The average rainfall in the urban area is more than 190 mm.,The heaviest rainfall in some areas reached 306..9 mm,Is the historical extreme value,Shuhe River and Yihe River were at 18:35 on July 7, respectively.、The first flood of 2024 occurred at 18:46.。

At present,Heavy rainfall continues.,Serious waterlogging has occurred in many parts of Linyi City.,In some areas, the water accumulation even exceeded 100 millimeters.,And as the upstream water level rises,,The drainage situation is more arduous.,Adverse effects on urban safety。

The disaster is an order.。Critical moment,Temporary workers are organized and mobilized at the first time,Set up an emergency response team,Provide equipment and service guarantee for flood fighting and rescue in Linyi,Multiple temporary loaders、Excavators and other rescue equipment have been put into the first line of flood fighting and waterlogging resistance.,Excavator drainage and desilting、Clear the road、Reinforce the river course,The loader drains the water、Rescue and rescue。At present, rescue work is still ongoing.,Lingong will do his best to protect the safety in the wind and rain.。

Stand together through thick and thin,Build a production defense line together!In Linyi,The production units of Lingong also suffered from the sudden heavy rainfall.,Paint spraying line for structural parts of Lingong Excavator Division、Parts Division Drive Axle Workshop and other workshops actively respond,Start the emergency plan for flood control and emergency rescue,Assemble the emergency rescue team,Carry out water pumping and sewer cleaning on the workshop road,Check the distribution room carefully、Hidden dangers in key places such as paint spraying room,Work together to build flood control“An iron wall”In the meantime,Complete all scheduled production tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed。

Shandong Lingong

Where there is a disaster,Where there is the figure of temporary workers.。Since entering the flood season in an all-round way this year,Many places in China are suffering from rare floods.,And the scope continues to expand.。Flood control and disaster relief is a big battle.,Adhere to“Bear the heavy trust and dare to shoulder it"The concept of responsibility,Lingong always abides by the responsibilities and obligations of corporate citizens.,Will join hands with dealers around the country and good driver customers,Always be ready,Escort the safety of people's lives and property!



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