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"Bridge" to see the great beauty of Changsha! Zoomlion Equipment Helps Build Star City's New Artery Across the River

July 08, 2024

“Net Red Changsha”Add a stunning new landmark!

Fourth of July,Possess“The diamond of the Xiangjiang River”Reputation

Changsha Xiangluzhou Bridge officially opened to traffic

In the construction of the single-tower cable-stayed bridge with the largest span in the Xiangjiang River,

All kinds of equipment of Zoomlion show their skills

Provide solid equipment guarantee for the smooth completion of the project

Night view of Xiangluzhou Bridge in Changsha(Image source:Wangcheng release)

It is understood that,As the third longest span hybrid girder cable-stayed bridge with single tower in the world,,Owned by Xiangluzhou Bridge“Four firsts”——Bridge with the Highest Main Tower in Xiangjiang River Basin、Bridge with the largest span of the same type、The first seat is satisfiedⅠClass I channel class bridge、The first bridge to meet the anti-collision requirements of 5000 tons。

The main tower of Xiangluzhou Bridge is 202 meters high.,That's the equivalent of 67 stories.。For large volume of main tower、The structure is complex、High technical content、The construction is difficult、Construction features with high safety risk,Two Zoomlion Heavy Section Tower Cranes are used by the project party.T7520-16DAndTC7035B-16,Hoisting of structural parts of segmental beams, etc.。Stable、Efficient、Safe Zoomlion Tower Crane,It provides strong support for improving the quality of the project and speeding up the construction progress.。

Zoomlion Tower Crane Helps Build Xiangluzhou Bridge

(Image source:Wangcheng release)

At the same time,Zoomlion Construction Crane、Concrete Pump Truck、Mixers and mixing stations are also deeply involved in the construction of the Xiangluzhou Bridge project.。“Little Green Army”Fully adapt to the high difficulty of hoisting work、Complexity of the placement task,Overcome the hot weather、Passage of waterway、Time is tight, tasks are heavy and various complex construction difficulties,The construction nodes of the bridge are completed on schedule.。

Zoomlion Construction Crane、Construction of Xiangluzhou Bridge with the help of Concrete Machinery

(Image source:Wangcheng release)

Nowadays,Xiangluzhou Bridge has become a beautiful scenery on the Xiangjiang River.,Will help to form“The two sides of the river fly side by side.、Hedong and Hexi linkage coordination”Pattern of urban development,Accelerating the integration of Hunan Province into the Yangtze River Economic Belt。From“Capital of Construction Machinery”From Changsha to overseas,Zoomlion Is Joining Hands with Builders,Write a new magnificent chapter of global engineering construction together.。



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