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Change, "dividend season", super project.. Look at Xugong this week!

July 08, 2024

The sun is scorching like fire,All things grow by jointing

Hard work in the first half of the year has yielded fruitful results

In the second half of the year, a new project is to be started

Xugong has high morale,Ready to go


Today,《Xugong for a week》The column was officially launched

Review and summarize the work of the week

Engrave the wisdom and sweat of Xu workers

Witness together

XCMG to industry“Mount Everest”Advancing




01 Change at full speed



A Record of the Reform of Soviet Enterprises“High”To“New”,“Manufacturing giant”With“Change”Create the first


Xugong Group、Party Secretary of XCMG、Chairman Yang Dongsheng introduced,At“Top-level design”Go,2018 to 2022,As a country“Double Hundred Action”And the first batch of pilot enterprises in Jiangsu Province,XCMG Limited(Controlling shareholder of XCMG)The mixed reform and reorganization of the overall listing have taken the first step in enterprise reform.,It has solved the problems of system and mechanism that have plagued Xugong for many years.,Formed“A glorious tradition+Advantages of state-owned enterprises+Advanced mechanism”New models and unique advantages。




02 Hardcore innovation


Innovation Jiangsu? He does it for Excavators“Three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound”

At present,“Intelligent Weld Seam Detection System for Excavator”4 patents have been applied for,It has been applied in four medium and large Excavator production lines of XCMG.,It can complete the inspection of key structural parts of more than 20000 excavators' boom and bucket rods every year.,In the future, it can be widely applied in the construction machinery industry.。

03 “Dividend season”


“Dividend season”Nearly 90% of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Companies Actively Completed Cash Dividends in 2023


Xugong Machinery's large cash dividend has also attracted much attention from the market.,According to the announcement,The company intends to distribute 1 cash for every 10 shares..8 yuan(Tax included),Total distribution 21.2.7 billion yuan。



04 Model workers and craftsmen



Xuzhou advances“Model workers and craftsmen help enterprises”Go deep and go solid


XCMG excavator,The delegation visited Yu Xiaoming's Labor Model Innovation Studio.、Malu Labor Model Innovation Studio、Gong Zunling Labor Model Innovation Studio, etc.,Listen to the Management and Operation Mode of Labor Model Innovation Studio、Innovation creates achievements and model workers.“A teacher leads an apprentice”“Pass on help and guidance”Introduction of specific practices and results。




In front of the butt welding plate and the handicraft products welded by the employees using the leftovers.,Members of the delegation praised the exquisite skills and craftsmanship.。


It was not long ago,Comprehensive Channel of CCTV、Live broadcast on the news channel《Morning News》It's also been featured.


Xugong GroupXCMG,Praise 140




05 Flood fighting and rescue




Xugong GroupXCMG,Praise 59


06 Young people take responsibility



Science and technology are new|Powerful country in science and technology,Youth's Hardcore Responsibility and Romantic Confession

December 2017,General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during his visit to Xugong Group.,Equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of manufacturing industry.,We need to increase investment、Strengthen research and development、Accelerate development,Strive to occupy the commanding heights of the world、Control the right of technological discourse,Make China a big country of modern equipment manufacturing industry。

More than a decade ago.,China's large-tonnage cranes are basically all dependent on imports.。XCMG will do it if it refuses to accept,Organized a research and development team of nearly 100 people,Start from scratch,It took nearly four years.,Finally, a 4000-ton Crawler Crane was manufactured.,Be known as“The world's first crane”。

▲Winner of the National May Day Labor Medal、Shen Ziyu, Member of Youth Commando Team of XCMG

The winner of the National May Day Labor Medal in 2022、In the eyes of Shen Ziyu, a member of the Youth Commando Team of XCMG,“Mechanical Sky Group”Behind the constant updating and upgrading is the struggle and innovation of craftsmen in big countries.。“All these years,Our country has more and more world leaders in the field of construction machinery.,Constantly proving our rise and leap to the world.!”



07 Super Project



Xuzhou Manufacturing Helps Build Shenzhen-Medium Passage


June 30, 15:00,The Shenzhen-Medium Passage of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Super Project, which attracted worldwide attention, was officially put into trial operation.。Shenzhen、Zhongshan officially entered“The same city moment”,The journey between the two places is shortened from 2 hours to 30 minutes.。


As a leading enterprise of construction machinery in China, Xugong Group,It also plays an important role in the construction of Shenzhen-Medium Passage.,A batch of star construction machinery helps the super project to be handed over smoothly。


After 7 years of construction、Construction by several builders 15000.、Create 10 items“The best in the world”……The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge is one of the most difficult cross-sea cluster projects in the world.,It is also a business card project representing China's national image.。


Behind this super project.,From subsea drilling to concreting、Lifting of materials,And then to the pavement.,Xugong is everywhere.。Review the construction process of the project,“Xu Gongjin”Complete all construction tasks with high quality and efficiency,Contributed one hot work scene after another.。




The summer wind blows on my face with enthusiasm

Crickets live in the universe,The eagle strikes the sky

Everything,They are all thriving.



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