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Sun Yongfu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and His Delegation Visited Railway Construction Heavy Industry for Investigation

July 08, 2024

On the morning of July 6,The Sixth National University“Mao Yi was promoted”Construction and Development Seminar Held in Changsha。Former executive vice minister of the Ministry of Railways(Full ministerial level)、Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering、Sun Yongfu, Chairman of Beijing Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Foundation,Former Vice Minister of Railways、Lu Chunfang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,Standing Committee of Central South University Party Committee、Vice principal、Chai Liyuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Mao Yulin, Chairman of Beijing Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Foundation,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Railway Construction Heavy Industry、General Manager Wang Peng and other leaders of relevant enterprises and universities attended the meeting.。

On the afternoon of July 6,According to the schedule of the meeting,Academician Sun Yongfu、Chairman Mao Yulin and his delegation went to China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. for investigation。Wang Peng accompanied the investigation。

Under investigation,Academician Sun Yongfu and his delegation visited the full-face tunnel Boring Machine production line of Railway Construction Heavy Industry successively.、Drilling and blasting tunnel equipment production line、Exhibition Hall of Original Technology Origin Achievements,Having listened to the production and operation of the enterprise、Report on product research and development and talent team building,Overcome the series of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry“Stuck in the neck” Problem ,The achievements made in building a team of scientific and technological innovative talents for heavy equipment in a big country are highly affirmed.。

Academician Sun Yongfu said,Every time I come to Tiejian Heavy Industry,We can always see encouraging innovative results.。The development of Railway Construction Heavy Industry is the epitome of China's scientific and technological progress.。China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. relies on independent innovation,The products are widely exported.,Its technological level ranks among the top in the world.。It is hoped that Railway Construction Heavy Industry will further strengthen scientific and technological research.,Promote the deep integration of industry, education and research,Achieve more fruitful and remarkable innovative results。

Wang Peng expressed his heartfelt thanks to Academician Sun Yongfu and Beijing Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Foundation for their long-term guidance and support to Railway Construction Heavy Industries.。He said,Railway Construction Heavy Industry is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise with scientific and technological innovation as its essence.,Talents are the foundation of enterprise development.。Railway Construction Heavy Industry will further improve the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation,Deepen industry-university-research cooperation,Strengthening the Construction of Scientific and Technological Innovative Talents in the New Era,The Great Power of High Quality Development of Cohesive Enterprises。

Beijing Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Foundation、Leaders of Central South University and other relevant institutions,Railway Construction Heavy Industry“Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award”Winners and heads of relevant departments participated in the survey.。



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