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New Year's Eve Dinner on Wheels | Sinotruk's New Year Celebration Season 2, Warm Detonation, Spend the Spring Festival with Card Friends!

February 09, 2024

Reunion at home,Firecrackers welcome spring,The rolling wheels bring the hope of reunion.。The desire in the heart of a wanderer and the hardship of the journey,Are illuminated by the beautiful moment of reunion in the Spring Festival.。On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2024,Sinotruk launched a series of micro films for the 2024 Spring Festival.《New Year's Eve Dinner on Wheels Season 2》,With《Ice City Romance》《Covenant of the South》And《New Year's Eve dinner far and wide》Three micro films tell the story of New Year's Eve dinner.,Warmly Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Card Friends。

《Ice City Romance》:An unexpected encounter in the ice and snow

“Fate”,It's wonderful,All karma comes together,Not one step earlier.,It's not too late.,It's all just right.。Li Feihong, a Truck driver in the north、Li Feixiong's Unexpected Encounter with Southern Travel Short Video Blogger Orange,It's just right.“Miaoyuan”。In the snow-covered northern landscape,“Sugar orange”And“Scallion onion”Meet and know each other because of the journey,With the ice festival, beautiful ice sculptures and brilliant fireworks in the sky.,Their adventure is like a warm sun shining on a cold land.。And Sinotruk HOWOMAXThe emergence of gas Vehicles,What kind of light will this strange fate with temperature shine in the northern scenery??

《Covenant of the South》:Let New Year's goods warm solitaire

Master Huang has been engaged in logistics and transportation all the year round.,Send warmth to thousands of families。On New Year's Eve,The freight car driven by Master Huang unexpectedly had a scratch with Vehicles/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Other Vehicles during transportation.,Facing the Truck full of New Year's goods express delivery,Where should Master Huang go from here??Sinotruk“Relatives”The emergence of service has solved the urgent need of Master Huang's transportation.……

《New Year's Eve dinner far and wide》:Happy Belonging on the Reunion Table

Times are changing,But the food that shaped the way of life and the order of manners and customs in the north and south,Still alive and kicking。《New Year's Eve dinner far and wide》Linkage of Sinotruk North Service Station and South Service Station,Through“Meat wrapped in a pot、Stew in an iron pot、Pickled cabbage dumplings、Tangyuan and other dietary elements in different regions,It constitutes a warm reunion story.,Has shown us that wherever we are,,“Relatives”The warmth is always with you。

February 7—The 9th,Locked“Official Tik Tok account of Sinotruk”“Official video number of Sinotruk”“Official Bilibili account of Sinotruk”,Three series of micro films for the Spring Festival were released,Invite you to taste on the road“New Year's Eve dinner”,Witness the hot evidence of loving life with rolling wheels,Feel the warmth and the power of reunion。

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