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Sinotruk TH7 Gas Vehicle Wins 1000 Large Orders from Bashu Logistics Group, High-quality Domestic Heavy Truck Helps Logistics Industry Operate Efficiently

February 09, 2024

Bashu Logistics Group is a leading enterprise in the domestic logistics industry.,Recently purchased 1000 China Heavy Truck HOWOTH7 Gas Tractor,To further promote the efficient operation of the company's business.。This strategic choice not only demonstrates the firm trust and support of Bashu Logistics for domestic heavy Truck technology.,It also highlights its unique forward-looking vision and innovative spirit in the logistics industry.。

National heavy Truck│Choose HOWO for Bashu LogisticsTHKing of 7 solar terms,Set off a new storm in the logistics industry!

Ren Yi, chairman of Bashu Logistics Group, said frankly in an interview.,Choose SinotrukTH7 Gas Vehicles are not a hasty move。The last few years,The imported heavy truck has outstanding fuel-saving performance and reliability.,Many logistics enterprises prefer imported brand Vehicles.,But with the continuous rise of domestic trucks,,Especially Sinotruk HOWOTH7 The advent of gas Vehicles,This market situation is changing quietly.。

Ren Yi said:“We're against HOWOTHThe gas saving and reliability of 7 gas vehicles are highly evaluated.。This car uses Weichai's latest generation of high thermal efficiency engine.,Solar term performance is excellent。In terms of fuel costs,HowoTHGas vehicles have obvious advantages over imported diesel vehicles。In the domestic gas vehicle market,,HowoTHThe 7 gas car is also a very competitive model.。”

He further explained that,In addition to the low cost of fuel,Sinotruk HOWOTHThe maintenance cost of 7 gas vehicles is also much lower than that of imported vehicles.。“The one-time maintenance cost of imported cars can be provided to HOWO.TH7 Carry out multiple maintenance。In addition,HowoTHThe ultra-high reliability of 7 is also its strong core advantage.。The matching parts used in the whole vehicle are all international first-line brands.,It is also comparable to imported heavy trucks.”。

A win-win move│Bashu Logistics purchases thousands of HOWOTH7 Gas Tractor,Create a new future for the industry!

General Manager Ren stressed:“Choose HOWOTH7 as the main model of the company,Because we see its value advantage.。Only by constantly discovering and utilizing these advantages.,In order to make profits in the highly competitive logistics market.。This is our strategic vision as a smart wealth creator.”。

This time,Bashu Logistics Group Purchases 1000 Sinotruk VehiclesTHThe decision of 7 gas Tractors is a win-win result.。For Bashu Logistics,This decision will lead to higher efficiency and lower operating costs.,So as to enhance its competitiveness in the market.。For Sinotruk,This order will bring it a larger market share and better development opportunities.。At the same time, it will also enhance the confidence of the entire logistics industry in domestic heavy trucks.,This will provide greater market space and opportunities for domestic heavy truck manufacturers.,Promote the high-quality development of the logistics industry。

In the future,More large logistics enterprises are expected to join the ranks of purchasing domestic heavy trucks.,Work together to promote the vigorous development of the domestic logistics industry。Sinotruk will continue to increase technology empowerment,Introducing more high quality、High efficiency product,To meet the increasingly diverse needs of the market.。

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