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"Xiang" Dangdang's Great Power Intelligent Manufacturing! Zoomlion CCTV Spring Festival Gala Shows the Elegance of Heavy Equipment

February 10, 2024

The dragon travels around the world and spreads auspicious signs.,Manufacturing power shows its ambition。February 9, New Year's Eve,CCTV Spring Festival Gala is coming as promised.、Grand blooming。In this Spring Festival Gala,At the Changsha branch,CCTV camera goes deep into city streets and alleys,Come to Wuyi Square、Zoomlion Smart Industry City,The panorama shows Changsha's unique diversified vitality and intellectual strength.。Display with Huxiang characteristics,Let the global audience see what Changsha has done“Everlasting Star City”The background color of fireworks,More from Zoomlion, I feel what Changsha has done.“Capital of Construction Machinery”Strength and strength.。

△CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Dragon Enters Zhonglian Intelligent Industry City

When the Lens of the Spring Festival Gala Comes to the Earthmoving Machinery Park of Zhonglian Intelligent Industrial City,The screen was suddenly filled with a sense of technology and machinery.:Dozens of pump Trucks of Zoomlion、Cranes stand proudly on both sides of the back of the stage.,Two pump Trucks form a huge heart with a boom at a height of 30 meters.,More than 200 Excavators lined up in turn.,Dozens of AeriaL Work Platforms stand in great numbers.,Extremely spectacular;On the stage, two loaders sing along.“Dancing”,One pink and one green are lively and lovely.。The bassist of the band、Guitarist's“ Platform ”They all use AeriaL Work Platforms.。At“Little Green Army”Stars around the moon,Singer Huang Miyi came out of the loader.,Singing passionately《The sea of stars》。The beauty of spectacular construction of heavy equipment in a big country,The Beauty of Lighthouse Factory Manufacturing in Earthmoving Machinery Park of Zhonglian Intelligent Industry City,And the beauty of singing and dancing.。Full“Made in Changsha”Element,On the screen“Dragon”Radiant and stunning。


△Huang Miyi Sings at Zhonglian Smart Industry City in CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Dragon《The sea of stars》 

Fall with the song of Huang Miyi,Zoomlion loader operator praised.“It's pretty well done here.”,All the audience on the stage said to the camera.:“We built it!”A strong Changsha accent,But full of pride.、 Proud ,Every word is sonorous and forceful。


△In the CCTV Spring Festival gala,Performance scene of Zhonglian Smart Industry City

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is an annual cultural feast that hundreds of millions of Chinese people around the world are looking forward to.,The branch venue entered Changsha for the first time,It is another highlight moment for Changsha.;Zoomlion appeared in the Spring Festival Gala,It is also a highlight moment made in Changsha.。After years of innovation and development,Construction machinery has become the hard core of Changsha's global reputation.“Specialty”:Total assets of enterprises of industrial cluster scale、Operating income、The total profit ranks first in all provinces and cities in China for 13 consecutive years.;World's Longest Boom Pump Truck、The world's largest tonnage all-terrain crane、World's Highest Aerial Work Platform、The world's first pure electric Truck Crane and a series of world's most、The world's first products were born in Changsha Zoomlion.。


△Production Scene of Lighthouse Factory in Earthmoving Machinery Park of Zhonglian Intelligent Industry City in the Live Broadcast of Spring Festival Gala 

“Changsha on CCTV Spring Festival Gala!”“The big scene of Zoomlion gives Hunan people a long face.!”“Zoomlion Gives Big Points to Hunan”Netizens praised the bullet screen overflowing the screen.。

It is also the first time that construction machinery has appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala on such a large scale.。With digitization、Intelligent、Green transformation and upgrading,Quality of Construction Machinery Products in China、Performance and“Face value”Has taken on a new look,Not only win the domestic market,It also quickly grabbed the overseas market.;It is not only the main force of all kinds of construction projects.,It has also gradually become the face of equipment manufacturing display.。This time, Zoomlion was on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.,It not only shows the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China.、Intelligent、The achievements of green development are highly recognized,It also shows confidence in the development of the industry.:Made in China will be better.!


△In the live broadcast of the Spring Festival gala,Tower Crane construction scene of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

Welcome spring in the flourishing age,Everything is renewed。At a time of national celebration,Zoomlion Shines in the Spring Festival Gala as a Representative of Changsha Industrial Manufacturing,It brings a strong affection to the global audience.、Wonderful Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Dragon,It vividly demonstrates the industrial strength and manufacturing charm of Changsha, Hunan.,He also presented his best wishes for the Spring Festival to the global audience from Zhonglian Heavy Branch in Changsha, Hunan.!

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