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The official opening of Qinling Railway Station! Liugong Equipment Efficiently Helps the Development of China's Polar Cause

February 08, 2024

February 7,China's fifth Antarctic research station——The Qinling Railway Station was officially opened。A few days ago,The station is in the final stage of construction.。At the South Pole“Build a house”What are the difficulties??What are the challenges facing the engineering equipment involved in the construction??Liugong Equipment answered with action.。

Click to watch the video of Liugong equipment participating in the construction of Qinling Station

Since February,The construction of Qinling Railway Station has entered a critical period for the installation of curtain wall panels.,Braving the freezing cold of more than thirty degrees below zero.,The builders are working overtime.,In a world of ice and snow,“Engineer Liu Huang”Especially bright。With the help of Liugong aerial work platform,The builders were able to rise to more than 10 meters in the air for construction.。Except for the low temperature,Strong winds and other factors also test the performance of Liugong's aerial work platform.。

Except aerial work platform,Liugong loader、Excavator、The Skid Steer Loader is also firing on all cylinders.,Efficient handling of construction materials and other operations,Show toughness、Reliable side。In the world of ice and snow,“Engineer Liu Huang”The figure is busy and orderly.。It is reported that,In order to adapt to the extreme conditions of the South Pole,Ensure the smooth construction of Qinling Station,Liugong equipment has been specially improved for adaptability.,Various tests were carried out in the cryogenic laboratory of Liugong Global R & D Center.。



In addition,Wei Subin, a skilled expert of Liugong, also provides maintenance services for construction machinery at Qinling Station.。At present,Liugong has six skilled masters stationed in the Antarctic region.,They are located at Zhongshan Station、Great Wall Station、Snow Dragon Boat,Ensure the smooth development of polar scientific research。

Liugong has been helping the national polar scientific research for many years.,It is a species used in polar scientific research in China.、Quantity(Table set)Most brands of construction machinery,Loaders have been provided successively、Excavator、Mining wide-body car、Crane、Skid Steer Loader、Aerial work platform and other construction machinery,More than 20 skilled experts have participated in the polar scientific research.。

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's polar expedition.,Awarded by the China Polar Research Center“Strategic partner of China's Arctic and Antarctic expedition”,Liugong will continue to provide construction machinery and equipment and talents for China's polar scientific research.,Help explore the mysteries of nature、Climb the peak of science,Create a new situation in the polar cause。

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