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Caterpillar Defensive Player of the Year "Discover Luck" Phase III Opens, Come and Win a Gift!

February 08, 2024

【Go to this moment together,Cast love——Caterpillar invites you to the game】Activity

It is in full swing,

Triple Rich Gifts Waiting for You to Win!

February 7,CBAOfficial announcement,

Shanghai Jiushi playerEric-Bradso

Elected 2023-2024 season

CBALeague Phase 3(25 rounds-39 rounds)

Caterpillar Defensive Player of the Month。

With 2023-2024 seasonCBAThe third phase of the league

Caterpillar Defensive Player of the Month,

“Discover luck”Phase III

It's already open.!

Ladies and gentlemen, come and scratch the card to get good luck.~

Three stages,Triple gift!


November 2023 to May 2024,

Click on the activity page“Start shooting”

You can draw a good gift of shooting.,

5 free shots when you register,

Custom Blind Box Fridge Stickers、Knitted gloves、

Folding travel bag waiting for you to take home。

Other than that,

It is also possible to obtainCBAPlayer card

There are opportunities to scratch cards and collect cards.

Draw the second、A three-stage gift.!

Each person completes the following tasks every day.

You can get four shots.。


Every monthCBALeague Caterpillar Monthly

Within one week after the announcement of the best defensive player list,

Everyone has a chance to scratch the card.,

If you discover a card with

The current defensive player of the month is the winner.,

You can get the second gift.!


Opening time of this scratch card:

February 7-14 days






Participate in activities continuously every month,

If you collect all Defensive Player of the Month cards。

You can summon the grand prize。

Click on the activity page“Summon together”

Turn results with Caterpillar Defensive Player of the Year

Publish the same list

Win a stylish hoodie、Camping suit、

CBAStar autographs and other good gifts!



Rich gifts are ready.,

Let's act quickly.~



Quickly scan the QR code below

Or click at the end of the article“Read the original article”Enter the activity page,

Participate in the activity and win a good gift.!


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