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Thirty Years of Endeavor? Zoomlion Kuang Zhen: The New Generation of Marketing Front Finished Their Research and Wisdom to "Win"

September 22, 2022

“The world's martial arts,Only fast but not broken”,In the field of construction machinery,Marketing services are equally important.“Hurry up”Word Kung Fu。Hurry up,It comes from insight into needs、Seize the opportunity,See Quick Action、Communicate efficiently,Success lies in precise power.、Win-win together。

End of 2018,Zoomlion Runs into the Emerging Plate of AeriaL Work Machinery,Just over three years.,That is, the first echelon of China's aerial work platform industry。This late arrival leap can not be separated from the charge of a group of excellent salesmen.。Guangdong is the frontier area of domestic economic development.,Its high-tech market started early.、High maturity、The development potential is strong,In this area“A place of strategic importance”,A young team started from scratch,For three years“Turn around magnificently”,Let Zoomlion Intelligent High Machine Leap to Win the Championship、Stand out from the crowd,Become the most influential local brand。

Kuang Zhen, head of the East Guangdong Partnership Group of Zoomlion Intelligent High Machinery South China Region, is one of them.“General”,He led the team to cultivate the market.,At the same time, the annual sales doubled.,It also pushed brand reputation and customer satisfaction to a new high.。“The salesman is a business card of the company.,Our image、Words and deeds、Attitude has a huge impact.。I am well aware of my responsibilities.,Has been adhering to their own responsibility.、Be responsible for the company、The principle of being responsible for customers,Contribute one's own strength。”Kuang Zhen said。


△Kuang Zhen, Marketing Representative of Zoomlion Intelligent High Machine 

Quickly break the situation and let customers feel more at ease

February 2019,The Beginning of Zoomlion's Intelligent High-speed Machine,Despite its own brand highlights and deep industrial accumulation,But the market is not yet familiar with the company's new category.,Stand up to the pressure、Break the game,The marketing front is facing many challenges.。

Kuang Zhen, who has just turned 30, is one of the first marketing representatives to enter the Guangdong market.,He chose to attack calmly.,Get familiar with the market first、Accumulate customers。Kuang Zhen focused on home visits and market research.,Shenzhen、Dongguan、Huizhou,The average monthly Vehicle mileage is more than 4000 kilometers.。Except for the way、Find a client,He also actively captures sales information.、Drive order conversion。Sales is not only about“Move your legs.”,And“Open your mouth”,Kuang Zhen modestly consulted and learned from his predecessors in the industry.,On the one hand, it popularizes the product situation for customers.,Introduce the price service,Imperceptibly spread the company's brand concept,Impress customers with professionalism and enthusiasm。

General Manager Zhu of Dongguan Sky Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a deep foundation in the petrochemical industry.,It is one of the people in the industry who paid attention to the construction application of aerial work platform earlier.。After learning about the situation,Kuang Zhen found General Manager Zhu,Discussion on the Prospect of High-speed Machinery Leasing in Petrochemical Industry。After many in-depth exchanges,,General Manager Zhu is more confident about investing in high machine leasing.,Development ideas and target planning are also gradually clear.,Start to purchase Zoomlion in batches with confidence,And become a corporate alliance customer.。

Hard work pays off,Kuang Zhen not only achieved a breakthrough in personal performance in that year.,He also made friends with a group of senior experts in the industry.。More and more customers in Guangdong have learned about Zoomlion.,Many big names in the construction machinery leasing industry are also moving.,Pay attention to the broad prospects of high machinery leasing investment,Actively contact the company for consultation,The company has gained a firm foothold in the eastern Guangdong market.。

Walk without end, make persistent efforts to climb the peak

“Selling is like climbing a mountain.,Reach the top of the first mountain,Then comes another mountain that must be climbed.,All kinds of experience accumulated during the previous climb.,Will become the next foreshadowing.。”Kuang Zhen's master——The words of Gao Yingrui, the regional manager of South China, were imprinted in Kuang Zhen's mind.,And reflected in his actions.。

Thanks to the good foreshadowing of 2019,2020,The development of Zoomlion's AeriaL Work Machinery sector is overwhelming.,Product categories are becoming increasingly complete.,The service system is becoming more and more perfect,Market reputation and brand recognition are rising.。Kuang Zhen's sales doubled.,Become a leader in the new generation of marketing team,His unremitting efforts have also gained the high trust of customers.,Several regional promotion and exchange meetings received a warm response,Local Customers Recognize Zoomlion Intelligent High Machine,Rapid growth in the number of partners。

2021,Kuang Zhen was appointed head of the East Guangdong Cooperation Group.,Take the lead in building a stronger marketing team。The visiting coverage rate of the East Guangdong Group reached 95%Above,Dozens of customers join hands with Zoomlion Intelligent High Machine,1/3 conversion rate of visiting customer opportunities,In the same year, the eastern Guangdong region achieved sales of 1.400 million yuan,In Guangzhou、Dongguan and other places set up industry benchmarks。


△Kuang Zhen, Marketing Representative of Zoomlion Intelligent High Machine 

The first half of this year,Kuang Zhen and his team continue to work hard.,On the premise of maintaining existing high-quality customers,It has also successfully cooperated with more new customers.,The company won the first place in the local market share.,But Kuang Zhen is not complacent about his dazzling achievements.。

“Consolidate the results in the improvement,Seeking Breakthrough in Reflection,This is my focus in the second half of the year.。We've got the initiative.,Opening up a broader space for development,Then continue to do your best.,Customer-centric,Create greater value for customers。Live up to the trust of customers,In order to win the favor of the market.。”Kuang Zhen said。


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