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Yueshou Construction Machinery HZRLB Series Original Recycling Integrated Asphalt Mixing Station Selected for 2022 "Science and Technology Enabling and Industrial Transformation" Tai'an Industrial Enterprise Science and Technology Innovatio

September 22, 2022

     In order to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party,Fully implement a series of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on scientific and technological innovation,Publicize and promote the achievements of integration of industrial economy and scientific and technological innovation in our city,Create a strong atmosphere to speed up the construction of a new industrialized city.,On the morning of September 21,2022“Technology Enabling Industrial Transformation”Tai'an Industrial Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition was held in the Municipal Science and Technology Museum。Party Member of Shandong Association for Science and Technology、Vice Chairman yuan Shenqing,Standing Committee of Tai'an Municipal Committee、Vice Mayor Jiang Ning attended and delivered a speech.,Zhang Qingjun, a second-level researcher of the Science Popularization Department of the Provincial Association of Science and Technology、Party Secretary of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology、Chairman Dong Lei and Publicity Department of Tai'an Municipal Committee, Co-sponsor of Science Popularization Day、Tai'an Science and Technology Bureau、Tai'an Ecological Environment Bureau、Tai'an Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony.。State-level high-tech enterprises、Single Champion Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry in Shandong Province、Gazelle Enterprise of Shandong Province、Shandong Province specialized, refined, special and new enterprise、Specialization and innovation“Little giant”Enterprise Tai'an YueshouHZRLBA series of original recycling integrated asphalt mixing stations were selected for exhibition。

     The exhibition is built with the focus of the whole city.“Thirteen characteristic industrial chains”Based on,With high technology and“Specialization and innovation”As the core,Focus“Gazelle”、“Unicorn”、“Little giant”、“Double top 50”And other enterprise groups,Focus“441X”Construction of modern industrial system,A total of one first-level chain owner enterprise was collected.,Five main enterprises in the secondary chain;Specialization and innovation“Little giant”There are 14 enterprises、25 provincial-level gazelle enterprises;Four national single champion enterprises,There are 12 provincial individual champions.;Leading 10 of the top 50,Nine of the top 50 innovators。Among them, there are 2 listed companies,One National Science and Technology Award,One provincial science and technology award,Municipal Science and Technology Award 13 enterprises,Centralized display、Publicity、Promote the new technology of science and technology enabling industrial enterprises in our city.、New materials、New products、New achievements,Help excellent enterprises and products to promote science and technology brand,Vigorously Create a Strong Atmosphere for Accelerating the Construction of a New Industrialized City。



▌Yue ShouHZRLBRies original regeneration integrated asphalt mixture mixing equipment


Yue ShouHZRLBSeries

Original regeneration integrated asphalt mixture mixing equipment

▌「 HZRLB Series original Recycling Machine is an asphalt mixture mixing equipment with advanced technology in China.,Applicable to common production、Modification、Color、Regeneration、Warm mix and other asphalt mixtures。Device executionGB/T-17808-2010、JT/T270-2019。Integrated design of mixing plant,Two-story side-by-side layout,The layout is reasonable、The structure is compact、Energy saving and environmental protection;The mixer is located directly below the regeneration main building,Realizing regeneration unloading without chute;Weighing scale capable of carrying various additives、Foamed asphalt Generator、Regeneration, cold addition and other functions。The quality of the whole machine is reliable、The operation performance is stable。」

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