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Erisk Attends 2022 East China Sea Forum

September 22, 2022

September 20, 2022,“East China Sea Forum—The 2nd China Sandstone High Quality Development Summit and Annual Meeting of Sandstone Aggregate Network”Held as scheduled in Tongxiang, Zhejiang。This summit is based on“Low carbon·Intelligence·Quality·Fusion”As the theme,Joint competent departments at all levels、Well-known experts、Relevant industry associations、The advanced production technology of sand and gravel industry is deeply analyzed by sand and gravel enterprises.,Discuss and analyze the latest policies and regional market changes,Looking for the High Quality Development Path of Sand and Gravel Enterprises,Focus on improving sand and stone quality,Reduction of production energy consumption and related measures,So as to promote the realization of the goal of double carbon.。

 Eriske Mining Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the co-sponsors of the East China Sea Forum.,Not only has a professional enterprise booth been set up on the spot,,At the same time, it also brought a wonderful keynote speech on the industry.,It fully demonstrated the concept of green enterprise development advocated by Eriske to the participants.。In addition,Mr. Ma Zhaomiao, Chairman of Ersk, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Summit and accepted an exclusive interview with the Aggregate Network.。

Mr. Ma Zhaomiao, Chairman of the Board of Eriske, Accepts an Exclusive Interview with Sandstone Aggregate Network

01Eriske's keynote speech

Yan Yi, the sales general manager of the aggregate business line of Erisk, brought“Low-carbon lead、Smart and efficient——Erisk practices the concept of green development,Promoting high-quality development of the industry”Keynote speech,Show the guests how Erisk“Double Carbon”Seize new opportunities for development under the goal,Characteristics of large intelligent crushing and screening equipment“Intelligence、Efficient”As an entry point,Be active“Post-harvest repair、Intensive processing、Comprehensive utilization trinity”In-depth exploration and practice in the field.。



At the same time,Eriske officially released new products at this summit.“Erisk Smart Cloud Service Platform”。The platform uses intelligence.、Synergy、Cloud technology,Fully suitable for Eriske crushing and screening series products,Form a complete modular ecosystem of products and solutions,It can realize the overall intellectualization of mine crushing and screening equipment.、Unmanned management,Help mining enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency,Optimize resource allocation。

02Eriske returned home with honors

Eriske won“Excellent equipment supplier”

Eriske won“Innovative enterprises”

The summit held an annual medal ceremony.,Eriske won“Excellent equipment supplier”、“Innovative enterprises”Two honors。As a professional provider of high-end crushing and screening equipment and solutions for national brands,Eriske will continue to play its own advantages in the field of high-end crushing and screening.,Help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency,Provide customers with more high quality、High reliability equipment,Building an international high-end brand、Continue on the path of serving global professional customers。

03Erisk exhibition style


Eriske set up an enterprise booth at the conference site.,To show the participants the full range of Erisk crushing and screening products and their processing in mines and sand aggregates.、Comprehensive development and utilization of mine land、Application advantages and typical cases in green mines and other fields。During the event,Many guests came to the Erisk booth to communicate.、Consultation,The staff of Erisk gave him an enthusiastic explanation.。


Mineral resources are limited natural resources.,Whether it is a metal mine or a sand aggregate mine,How to make full and efficient use of resources is the top priority of every mining enterprise.。As a national high-tech enterprise of mining equipment manufacturing,Eriske will continue to increase product research and development efforts.,New Technology、Promotion and application of new technologies,Upgrading in production process、Level of equipment configuration and project management,While practicing the concept of green development,Promoting high-quality development of the industry。

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