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Casting the Future Together | XCMG High-end Parts Appear at China International Casting Expo!

July 08, 2024


Leader ,Today's tweet is about the Shanghai exhibition.!

Shanghai again?Who on earth is in Shanghai?!

Chief Editor

There must be our Xugong.……

That's right!Of course, I remember pushing one yesterday.《World Conference on Artificial Intelligence | The new generation of unmanned driving,Xugong“Wisdom”Cross-border》。Today,Let's focus on another exhibition in Shanghai.,Look at our Xugong.“Play around”Cross-border innovation,“Cast”Build strengthIt's also worth it“A glimpse of youth”!



Fourth of July,With“Constructing a New Pattern of High Quality Development of Foundry Industry Chain”As the theme“The 22nd China International Foundry Expo”At the National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai)Opening。

Highly professional、The exhibition has strong line-ups、Wide range of radiation


As the annual foundry industry event, XCMG Precision and GlobalMore than 1500Industry elite leading enterprises gather here to anchor new quality productivity and promote high-quality development of global foundry industry

▲Party Secretary of XCMG Precision Company、General Manager Chen Dengmin was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

▲Leaders of China Foundry Association and Important Guests Visited XCMG Precision Booth

This exhibition,XCMG Precision and Construction Machinery、Hydraulic class、Agricultural machinery、Mining Machinery、Cars、High-end castings such as wind power and industrial machines made a stunning appearance.,Fully demonstrate the latest technological achievements and product innovation capabilities of XCMG Foundry。

Hydraulic multi-way valve independently developed by XCMG、High-end iron castings such as engine cylinder block and cylinder head,Breaking through the technical barrier of casting,The performance and quality level of the products are highly recognized by customers.。

The exhibition hall is very popular.,


Stick to a high starting point,Independent research and development of a number of cast steel products。XCMG Precision is based on solving Mining Machinery、Large-tonnage Crawler Crane、Demand for medium and high-end steel castings such as large Piling Machinery,Insist on providing customers with high-quality products and services。



▲Customers stop to consult,Show a strong intention to cooperate

▲Xugong Wenchuang attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors.

▲XCMG has organic benefits——Follow the Anchor into the XCMG Precision Cloud Exhibition

Won“Gold Award for Quality Castings”

Agricultural machinery castings independently developed by XCMG,Use of one-piece sand core construction,Cooperating with heating riser process,Perfect solution to the hot spot、Shrinkage porosity,Be unanimously approved by the judges,Stand out from the many castings that participated in the review,Awarded by China Foundry Association“ExcellentGold Award for Quality Castings


XCMG Precision will continue to push forward“Wuhua”Transformation and upgrading

Deepening the Application of New Generation Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Make every effort to build

Advanced technology、The technology is first class、Intelligent and environmentally friendly、High-end qualityYes

Modern foundry industry

Committed to providing customers with quality products and services



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