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Fighting day and night, blocking the mouth! XCMG rushed to the rescue of Dongting Lake dike burst

July 08, 2024

July 5,A dike burst on the first line of Tuanzhou Dongting Lake in Huarong County, Hunan Province。After the danger happened,Xugong rushed to the scene at the first time。
Joint distributor of XCMG Excavator、A big local customer,Overnight coordination of Excavator equipment available in the area,Organize and participate in rescue and rescue at the first time。

July 6th, 3:00 a.m.,Five Xugong Excavators have participated in the disaster relief at the scene.,At the same time, several emergency allocation equipment are queuing up to enter the site.。

Image source:Xinhua News Agency
“Two more Bulldozers and two excavators rushed to the scene.!The disaster is an order.!!!”,The most beautiful heroes in harm's way cast a solid line of defense with a cavity of blood,Light the way of hope。

Disaster relief site,XCMG excavators are stepping up construction,Construction of reversing platforms at both ends of the breach,And large stone were dumped at both end of that breach.,Construction“Wrap your head”,Alleviate water flow to scour crevasse,Prevent the breach from expanding,And carry out subsequent plugging operation。
Xugong workers at the scene fought day and night.,At present, we are still sticking to the front line.,They said:“It is a small matter to have a rest before the rescue.,Stop the flood earlier.,We can guarantee people's normal life earlier.。There is a need on site,We will not turn back!”

Rescue forces from all sides work together,Emergency assembly,Race against the clock!Engineer Xu wrote with his actions.“A great power weighs heavily”Responsibility and responsibility.。



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