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High energy and efficiency! How fragrant is Lingyu dry-mixed mortar truck?

September 22, 2022

Buy powder cans and bicycles,Choosing the right car is the key

Lingyu dry-mixed mortar Truck“Income generation”Gene

Start with the details,Create an efficient and economical transportation artifact

The design is humanized,Convenient and more efficient

New large angle fluidized bed

Porous“One”Font type fluidized bed,Larger angle and higher fluidization efficiency,Modular design of product structure,Assembly line operation,Fully ensure product quality;

Transmission system

Unique belt-driven air Compressor structures,It perfectly solves the problem of large jitter of direct-connected transmission.、Vulnerable Malpractice,And that cost is effectively reduce,Create maximum benefit;

Patent can lid

Patented technical design of the company,Adopt center spinning compaction mode,Easy to operate,Safe and reliable,Longer service life;

Humanized ladder

Movable ladder、The stability is good,Position rear,Convenient and safe operation of staff;

More environmentally friendly

Lingyu took the lead in applying for the patented technology of Vehicle-mounted dust collector.。The optional installation is convenient,Electronic pulse dust collector with simple operation,And meet that requirement of environmental protection,Solve the worries of customers in use。

Process standardization,The quality is guaranteed

Laser blanking——High efficiency

Tank body、Large CNC plasma cutting machine is used for accessories and internal materials.、Laser cutting machine、Blanking of CNC punch and other equipment,The error is small、The precision is high,And that production efficiency is greatly improve.;

Circumferential welding——More accurate

Advanced assembly spot welding tooling、The supporting and transporting mechanism of the roller frame and the annular welding tooling of the head are the only ones in China,Ffectively ensure that strength of the tank body、Quality and appearance;

Electrostatic spraying——Resistant to wear

Industry's first powder can bicycle“Spray+Dusting”Lectrostatic powder spraying proces,The color is full,Beautiful and beautiful,Enhanced corrosion resistance of tank car coating、Degree of aging resistance,The hardness of the coating is up toHLevel,The service life is prolonged by 5 to 7 years.;

Intelligent assembly——More efficient

Intelligent assembly line can monitor the operation of each link of the whole line in real time.,Ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the whole line,Ensure that the quality of the Vehicle is stable in use.、Reliable,Improve the attendance rate of the whole life cycle of products;

Test delivery——Safer

The whole Vehicle is debugged,The front wheel sideslip is detected on the full-automatic detection line respectively、Lights、The braking system and other compulsory inspection items shall be inspected item by item.,Ensure the reliability and safety of vehicle quality;

Lingyu powder can bicycle,Full marks for income-generating details

Help customers succeed,Ling Yu has been on the road.

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