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The Road to Simplicity: Mann Brings a Rich Product Portfolio to the 2022 Hannover Commercial Motor Show

September 22, 2022

Freight decarbonization、The digitalization of logistics and the growing shortage of Truck drivers are fundamental challenges that transportation companies are facing.。At the 2022 Hannover Commercial Motor Show(IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022),Mann Commercial Vehicle Remodeling Change,Propose targeted solutions。For traditional products,MAN further reduces fuel consumption、Create a better interior、Improve driving comfort to attract drivers,At the same time, more innovative digital services will be launched.。In terms of zero carbon dioxide emissions and intelligent network transportation,Mann to develop autonomous Vehicles,It will launch a mass-produced pure electric Truck in 2024.eTruck,The prototype, which is close to mass production, met the audience for the first time at the Hanover Exhibition.。In addition,Mann also provides comprehensive advice on truck electrification and charging infrastructure,Helps transport companies easily achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions。

Nowadays,The transport industry is moving towards sustainability、The transformation of environmental protection travel is getting faster and faster.。In response to this shift,,Mann made an appearanceIAA 2022 Hall 12CBooth 20 and focus on three trends:Zero emission——Road freight transport to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions;Digitize——Optimal integration of trucks and transport processes;Automatic driving——Safer、More efficient,At the same time, we should solve the problem of driver shortage.,And combine different modes of transport,Build intelligence、Environmentally Friendly Solutions。While actively embracing change,Mann also attaches great importance to the innovation of traditional products.。Mann Commercial VehicleCEO Alexander VlaskampElaborates on how Mann is moving towards sustainability、Environmentally friendly transport transformation。He said:“We reduce fuel consumption.、Insight into driver needs and practical digital applications to bring better service to customers,For example, automatic payment for truck refueling,We aim to help our customers simplify their daily business.。To improve production flexibility,Of the futureeTruckHeavy-duty electric trucks will share production lines with conventional vehicles。In that case,We can flexibly produce electric trucks or diesel trucks according to the requirements of customers.。After production,eTruckWill be suitable for almost all application scenarios,Whether it's regional distribution of organic milk,Or the long-distance transportation of green steel?,Will be included.。Based on our work on the electric bus,、Years of expertise in the field of electric vans,And ineTGMExperience on electric distribution trucks,We will work closely with our customers,Help them change to electric travel。”

【Illustration:Man unveils its new digital payment system for the first timeSimplePay,It is convenient for drivers to pay for refueling.,While allowing fleet managers to monitor fuel costs。】

【Illustration:ManneTruckThe prototype car was unveiledIAA 2022。Through this near-production prototype,,We get a glimpse of Mann's zero-emission future.、The elegance of battery-driven long-distance Transport Vehicles。】


A near-production car.eTruckThe prototype is Mann this time.IAAThe highlight of the booth。ManneTruckIt will be delivered to the first customers in 2024.。As a pioneering car,ManneTruckIt has a significant technical highlight.,That is, it supports megawatt charging.。The advantage of megawatt charging is its high charging capacity.、The charging time is short,You can make sureeTruckAchieve a daily mileage of 600 to 800 kilometers,It can even reach 1000 kilometers in the future.,Suitable for long-distance and heavy-load transportation。Plus lower operating costs and optimal cost accounting,Pure electric vehicles provide a suitable technical solution for building a zero-emission commercial vehicle fleet.。In terms of wide range of applications and flexibility of modification,ManneTruckNo less than today's diesel trucks.。It enables cold chain long-distance transportation to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.,It can also make urban garbage clearance and transportation achieve low noise.、Zero exhaust emissions,But also realize that electrification of material transportation for building construction.。

- eTruckThe electric truck has a daily range of up to 800 kilometers.,With megawatt charging function。

- eTruckHas wide application,Not only for long-distance transportation,It can do all the transportation tasks that diesel trucks can do nowadays.。

- eTruckMixed production can be realized,Mann electric trucks can share the same production line with traditional trucks.,Flexible switching from diesel to electric。

Zero emission:Total solution for electric transformation

To help the fleet successfully transition from diesel vehicles to electric vehicles,The customer's needs must be analyzed holistically over a long period of time before they purchase an electric truck。In view of this,Mann is hereIAAMann was first introduced at the show.eMobility Consulting。For upcoming electric trucks,ManneMobility ConsultingNot only offer advice on vehicles,It also takes into account the customer's specific deployment,For example, the operation stage,Including cost optimization、Route analysis、Fleet optimization, etc,And then give the necessary recommendations on charging infrastructure.。IAAAfter the exhibition,Clients can use ManneReadyCheckDigital tools to determine whether delivery routes are suitable for all-electric trucks。Team managers can go through Mann.eManagerMonitor the charging information of all trucks in the fleet at any time。These are the Mann Transportation Solutions divisions.(MAN Transport Solutions)On display at the exhibition.eSolutionsPart of,Other charging infrastructure partners will also be involved.。

【Illustration:Top-notch performance and uniqueness:AtIAA During the 2022 exhibition,Mann showed off a model with black optics.TGX 18.640 Individual Lion S。】


【Illustration:AtIAA During the 2022 exhibition,Mann showedTGXImprovement in efficiency of semi-trailer towing。New editionDThe 26 engine has increased power and torque,At the same time, it is more fuel-efficient。The aerodynamic measures optimise the air flow around the cab and to the trailer。】

Digitize:Right hand in daily operation

In the field of digitization,In addition to the existing rich digital services,Mann is still hereIAADuring the exhibition, it will show its digital services in the future.。For example,Through MannNow,The navigation map can be updated,MannEfficientCruiseDriving functions as well as specific driving programs may also be implementedOTAUpgrade。

MannServiceCareDigital maintenance management system makes vehicle maintenance easier、Faster。MannPerformAn online efficiency monitoring system can help monitor the fuel efficiency of the truck。AtIAAAt the exhibition,Mann will also debut Mann, a new digital payment system. SimplePay,It is convenient for drivers to pay for refueling.,It also makes it easier for fleet managers to monitor fuel costs.。

Automatic driving:The Road to Point-to-Point Transportation Automation

Except for zero CO2 emissions.,Autonomous driving is also a key factor in achieving sustainable road freight transport development。One of the advantages of automatic driving,It can reduce accidents caused by human errors.;When the driver is resting in accordance with the law,Transportation operations are not affected,Thereby improving flexibility and efficiency.;At the same time, it can also be competent for long-distance driving tasks that are not attractive to drivers.,Let a small number of drivers undertake more arduous and diversified transportation tasks in urban and regional transportation.。

AtIAAAt the exhibition,Mann through several ongoing hands-on projects,To show you the sustainable development of automatic driving.,That is, from closed roads to expressway connecting logistics hubs.。At the rail transfer terminal of partner Deutsche Bahn,ANITAThe project is developing automated container delivery and transportation,This project can greatly improve the efficiency of transshipment and environmental intermodal transport.。On the other hand,ATLASThe project is already using autonomous vehicles for point-to-point transportation.。In accordance with the relevant autopilot laws,Since 2022,Self-driving vehicles allow point-to-point transportation。By the end of 2024,First self-driving truck to drive independently on German expressway by mid-2024。

【Illustration:Through Mann's joint participation with partnersATLASProject,First self-driving truck to drive independently on German expressway by mid-2024。】

【Illustration:Electric MAN TGE 3.140 E】

Power upgrade Fuel consumption reduced by 4%

Mann is hereIAAA new version was introduced at the show.D26 Diesel engine。With classic diesel power technology,All-around playerD26 Engine,Not only is the economy outstanding,It is also widely used for long-distance transportation.、Heavy-duty distribution and construction transportation。Depending on the application scenario,New editionDThe fuel consumption of the 26 engine is reduced by 3% compared to the current version%。In terms of performance,Increased torque and power by 50 percentNmAnd 10hp。In addition,MannTGXNew aerodynamic measures adopted,Air resistance around the cab can be further reduced,And reduce windage by extending the transition of the airflow to the semitrailer,Thereby reducing the fuel consumption of long-distance transportation.。Double improvements in engine and aerodynamics reduce fuel consumption by 4% over long distances%。

Guard the driver to drive safely

At the Hannover Commercial Motor Show in 2022,Man gives its existing products more emotional resonance.,Individual Lion SThe exclusive high-end configuration package is proof.。Individual Lion SThe configuration package is well recognized by drivers and entrepreneurs,And recently acquired.“Red Dot Design Award”。IAAAfter the exhibition,MannTGSSeries will also be availableIndividual Lion SConfigure the package。And,Mann is still rightIndividual Lion SA series of innovations and upgrades have been carried out.:MannOptiViewElectronic rearview mirror system helps drivers get rid of blind spots,Get a panoramic view of road conditions and other road users。The camera arm of the system will also employIndividual Lion SSpecial color design of configuration package,At the same time, it further enhances the visual effect of the red design elements of the exterior and interior.。Raised on both sides of the cabaerodomesThe moldings are highlighted with black or red elements.,Black visual package for added appeal。

In terms of distribution and transportation,Mann is focused on improving safety for all road users.:And MannTGXAndTGSThe same,TGMIt will also be equipped with steering and lane-changing assistant systems andLCCPALane Change Collision Avoidance Assist。

Mann brand newTGS Individual Lion SWill be inIAALaunched during the exhibition。This MannTGS 41.520 8x4 Unique design and comfort,Whether on the road or at the construction site.,Or off-road.,All performed well。

【Illustration:Mann brand newTGS Individual Lion SYuIAALaunched during the exhibition。This MannTGS 41.520 8x4 Unique design and comfort,Whether on the road or at the construction site.,Or off-road.,All performed well。】

【Illustration:MannTGS 26.520 6x6 Individual Lion SYuIAA The 2022 exhibition is on display。This vehicle is suitable for use as an expedition vehicle or an emergency vehicle.。】


MAN Truck & BusThe company is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and suppliers of transport solutions.,Annual revenue of about 10 billion euros(2017)。The product range includes vans and vans、Truck、Buses and diesel and gas engines,And terminal-to-terminal passenger and freight transport services。As a subsidiary of Volkswagen Truck and Bus Group,Mann employs more than 36 people worldwide,000 employees。

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