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A Green Path Forward

December 02, 2021

A Green Path Forward

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In some cases, Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants incorporates “recycling” in the name.

Other times, the connection is not as apparent – including technology that helps Rollers reach compaction goals in fewer passes, minimising fuel burn and the associated emissions. The dedication to green products and processes is not new at Ammann. There is, however, a renewed urgency to accelerate efforts in the interest of global health. Sustainability is the focus at Ammann today – and all days going forward.


To deliver sustainability at Ammann, we will:

  • Maximise safe and sustainable manufacturing practices while building green plants and machines.
  • Partner with eco-focused packagers and transport services.
  • Develop asphalt-mixing plants that maximise the use of recycled materials.
  • Provide plants and machines that reduce emissions beyond the stated requirements.
  • Expand the use of alternative, eco-friendly fuels.
  • Utilise advanced technology to help plants and machines operate efficiently, minimising fuel burn and emissions.
  • Reduce the volume of oils and other fluids needed for operation, thereby lessening disposal requirements, too.


Product innovation

Sometimes, an entirely fresh approach is needed to meet challenges both new and old. Ammann’s advanced engineering team has a history of creative and innovative thinking.

Zero Waste System

With continuous asphalt-mixing plants, the first and last few tonnes of every shift are waste. At least they were. An Ammann team of experts developed a patented solution that ensures all mix has the proper percentage of larger aggregates and fines from the very start to the very end. The creative solution prevents up to 5 tonnes of mix per plant per shift from going into the scrap pile – every day.

Carbon-Neutral Burner

How about a fuel source that is not only renewable, but actually reduces carbon dioxide levels?It’s now in use, thanks to a special asphalt-mixing plant Burner that transforms wood dust into a renewable fuel. What makes this Ammann Burner even more exceptional is its carbon neutrality. The CO2 released when burning wood is offset by the fact the tree consumed that amount of carbon dioxide during its life. Therefore, this part of the emissions is carbon neutral.

The RAH100

The RAH100 counterflow Dryer enables new asphalt mix to be made with up to 100% RAP. Essential to the RAH100 is its gentle heating process. RAP must reach its target temperature, but the valuable bitumen will be damaged if the material is heated too quickly. The RAH100 eliminates that concern. It consists of two connected sections. One is a hot gas Generator that contains a burner and forces air toward the second section, which is a counterflow Dryer.

The RAP enters at the far end of the counterflow Dryer section and moves toward the heat chamber. At the end of the counterflow dryer, RAP is transported to an accompanying silo. The heated RAP mix leaves the dryer before the temperature becomes excessive, so it never reaches the critical temperature where the bitumen is damaged.

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

There are a variety of recycling solutions for Ammann customers. The RAH100 dryer can produce mix from up to 100% RAP. The RAH60 is a parallel flow dryer where up to 60% hot recycled materials can be fed. The RAH50 is a middle-ring dryer that incorporates up to 40% recycled materials.

Recycling can also occur at Ammann Asphalt-Mixing Plants that do not employ these specific dryers. Up to 30% cold recycled material can go directly into the mixer, meaning any plant from Ammann is capable of utilising that percentage of RAP.

Alternative Fuels

Ammann has developed asphalt-mixing plants able to burn new, renewable energies – and to even convert waste into fuel. Biofuels, such as rapeseed and sugar cane, support climate protection and lessen dependency on mineral oil. Tall oil, which is a waste product of sulphate cellulose production, can be used, too. Ammann biofuel burners can also use more traditional fuels such as natural gas, LPG, light and heavy oil and kerosene.

Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE)

ACE, a proprietary Intelligent Compaction system, measures and communicates compaction progress in real time. There are several versions of ACE, including one for heavy Compactors and another for light equipment. All provide knowledge that prevents needless compaction, resulting in dramatic reductions in fuel usage, machine wear and emissions.


ECOdrop starts by maximising engine efficiency, which trims both emissions and fuel costs. ECOdrop also involves reconfiguring key systems and components to minimise the operational fluids required to run them. This results in lower costs for both acquisition and disposal of the fluids.

A closer look at one specific product, the Ammann ARS 70 Soil Compactor, highlights the key features and benefits. With ECOdrop, the ARS 70 has seen a reduction of:

  • 22% in fuel consumption
  • 26% in the required hydraulic fluid
  • 10% in the needed vibratory system fluid



A commitment to sustainability is also apparent at Ammann’s manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, South America, China and India. Modern machinery and streamlined processes minimise energy needs and lessen emissions, while lean practices conserve valuable natural resources.

The operations reflect a commitment to employee safety and include advanced ventilation systems. Comprehensive training ensures employee safety – and proficient manufacturing.


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