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Smoothness the Priority for Premium Paver

September 03, 2021

Smoothness the Priority for Premium Paver

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An Ammann AFT 700-3 Large Premium Tracked Paver is providing the smoothness needed on a road in Seosan City, South Korea. The project, 120 km south of Seoul, consists of paving testing ground access roads for Hankook Tire. Also included is paving work adjacent to the main test roads. Handling the work is Daero Construction Co. Ltd.

The paving crew utilised a MOBA Big Sonic Ski with sensors for precise placement and smoothness. The ski can work as wide as 13 metres, though this project called for passes of 12 metres. The crew worked at a pace of about 5 metres per minute, placing roughly 200 tonnes per hour.

The project started in November and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. Daero is known for its high-quality construction work and advanced capabilities regarding large-scale paving projects. It specialises in road pavement construction, including a high volume of governmental work.

The AFT 700-3 utilised a high-compaction screed, which employed tamping and vibrating features as the mix was placed. The operator, Mr. Baek, described the asphalt used as “typical road pavement mix.” Mr. Baek said the Paver is powerful and its tracks grip well. He praised the intuitiveness provided by PaveManager 2.0, a CAN-based automated system that constantly monitors the paving process and provides feedback to operators.

PaveManager 2.0 is connected to both the main operator control and to the screed remote control panels, providing a complete overview. It automates many key functions and allows slope and/or crowning to be programmed.

Mr. Baek also appreciated the ease of operation that results from the integration of the auger and sonic sensors. Ammann Large Premium Tracked Pavers feature efficient and consistent material feeding that ensures proper auger coverage and mix distribution across the screed. Automated processes provide consistency throughout the process.

A reversible twin conveyor system enables material to flow consistently from the hopper. The material conveyor is tunnel-shaped to optimise flow and limit segregation. Also utilised is proportional speed control with a paddle sensor system.

The auger system delivers consistent distribution of material across the screed, essential to placing a quality mat with minimal segregation. The system features sonic sensors that provide proportional speed control. The left and right augers are independently driven and reversible.

The Paver meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage 4 emissions standards.


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