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Training Centre Relies on Ammann Roller

August 28, 2021

Training Centre Relies on Ammann Roller

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Compactor is Intuitive and Safe

LANGENTHAL, Switzerland – Heavy equipment operators in France must spend several days in training before being issued a license.

The training requires a Compactor that weighs more than 6 tonnes. At La Poitevine training centre in west-central France, the machine of choice for operator instruction is the Ammann ASC 70D Single-Drum Roller.

La Poitevine began to use the Ammann ASC 70D with the help of a nearby rental firm, MAXILOC Co. In need of a Compactor that weighed more than 6 tonnes, La Poitevine inquired as to the best options.

MAXILOC, in turn, recommended the Ammann ASC 70D. Specifically, rental company manager Mr. Vincent Lheraut and his agency manager, Mr. Eric Lefebvre, suggested the ASC 70D would be the proper training tool.


Training officials like the ASC 70D for several reasons:

  • The intuitive dashboard and ergonomic controls are easy for operators to understand.
  • The training yard is made safer because the machines offer excellent visibility from the operator station and exceptional stability.
  • Training on maintenance is easy because of the accessibility of key components on the ASC 70D.

MAXILOC is a new Ammann France customer, yet the rental firm already has a growing fleet of Ammann machines: an ASC 70D, two ASC 170Ds, one ARS 200D and a wide range of tandem Rollers and vibratory plate Compactors.


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