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Win-Win For All Business Partners

July 28, 2021

Win-Win For All Business Partners

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LANGENTHAL, Switzerland – Business relationships that benefit from mutual appreciation are the most likely to last. The Saxon company Manfred Wolff GmbH from Erlau and the Ammann dealer Bur Baumaschinen Service GbR from Rochlitz have proven that a partnership born in this sense is a real win-win situation for all involved.

“We have had a very good business relationship with Manfred Wolff GmbH for 18 years,” explains Alexander Bur, who works in sales at Bur Baumaschinen Service (BBS), his parents’ company. “We have supplied a large part of the equipment and machines that run at Wolff and all of them are serviced by us.”

Convinced of the quality and performance of the machines, BBS has been trading in Ammann equipment from the very beginning. The cooperation also runs hand-in-hand with Manfred Wolff, who exclusively uses Ammann vibratory plates in his company.

In the middle of 2019, BBS started the construction of a new 600 m2 service workshop at the company’s traditional headquarters in Rochlitz. When asked who should carry out the foundation work as well as the paving and landscaping work in the approximately 3000 m2 outdoor area, the answer was quickly found: the Wolff company. The company specialises in civil engineering, road construction, canal work and earthworks and can look back on 30 years of experience.

This appreciation culminated in a pleasing deal for the ownership couple Kerstin and Klaus Bur in the summer of 2020. In order to be able to compact the unbound base layers in the best possible way, Wolff first rented an Ammann ARS 70 single-drum Compactor from BBS. The company was so impressed by the machine that it subsequently ordered a new Ammann ARS 70 Single-Drum Compactor from BBS.

Also purchased was an Ammann ARX23-2 Tandem Roller with grit box spreader because authorities are increasingly demanding that chippings be rolled in during asphalt paving to guarantee skid resistance. Since appearance is also important, both machines were ordered and delivered in special paintwork in the company colour, light blue.


Convincing Technical Concept

So far, owner Manfred Wolff has only had the best experiences with the Compactors from Swiss manufacturer Ammann. And with these two machines, too, the simple operation and the overall technical concept were convincing.

This was understandable for Willi Reutter, Application Manager of Heavy Equipment at Ammann. “Both machines meet the Euro Stage V emissions standard,” he says. “The ARS 70 is built very short, and the new innovative articulated pendulum joint enables tight turning radii. The separate travel drives and low centre of gravity provide excellent all-round visibility. In addition, a relatively high line load and a powerful exciter guarantee optimal and efficient compaction results.”

The frequency is continuously adjustable from 25 to 36 hertz. This makes the ARS 70 from Ammann universally applicable, even in inner cities and on different materials.

“The ARX23-2 is also manoeuvrable and versatile. Operation is self-explanatory and the very good all-round visibility ensures increased safety,” explains Reutter. Asphalt construction sites on pavements or in residential streets can be completed much more efficiently with the tandem Roller from Ammann because their articulated/pendulum joint allows a quick changeover from drum in line to maximum drum offset.


The First Machine Delivery

Spurred on by the precision-fit machine deployment, BBS was able to commission the new workshop as planned at the end of September 2020. The first machines delivered were those for Wolff.

“With our workshop, we have positioned ourselves optimally for the future,” affirms Alexander Bur. “We have improved the working conditions for our 15 employees, created more space for workstations and special machines, and can fulfill our customers’ retrofitting and conversion requests even more flexibly.”

The company has been relying on Ammann for years. Founded in 2002, BBS now serves more than 1,000 customers between Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden. Above all, they appreciate the short response times of the family-owned company BBS.


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