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Amand Bau Sachsen Strengthens Compaction Fleet

May 09, 2021

Amand Bau Sachsen Strengthens Compaction Fleet

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ARS 200 Achieves Goals with Fewer Passes of the Roller

Since August 2020, the regional company Amand Bau Sachsen has been using a whole armada of construction machinery to expand an industrial area in Hof-Gattendorf. The specialists for heavy earthworks, civil engineering and road construction are improving, leveling and compacting the soil on an area of 50 hectares. One of the machines used is an Ammann ARS 200 single-drum Compactor equipped with Ammann’s ACEforce measuring and documentation system. ACEforce helps monitor the degree of compaction, minimizes machine wear and reduces operating costs. Substrates can be worked more efficiently in fewer passes.

Sandy wasteland as far as the eye can see. But investors will soon be laying the foundations for halls and office buildings as part of the expansion of the HochFranken automotive supplier and technology park. The infrastructure for this is being created by the regional construction company Amand Bau Sachsen, which belongs to the family-run Amand Group (Ratingen). The clients are the district of Hof, the city of Hof and the municipality of Gattendorf.

Excavators, dumpers, dozers and Compactors are still at work on the site, but “the work will soon be finished,” knows Dirk Hafermann, senior site manager at Amand Bau Sachsen. “We have used 40 construction machines, including up to eight Compactors at peak times,” he reports. “To increase the load-bearing capacity of the ground, we had to apply a lime-cement mixture and compact the subsoil so optimally that subsidence of the ground after the construction of large halls was ruled out.”

Hafermann had rented the ARS 200 single-drum Compactor from Ammann as reinforcement because its 20-ton operating weight and equipment with Ammann’s ACEforce measuring and documentation system make the work much easier and faster. The use of the ARS 200 results from long, trusting cooperation between the Amand Group and the Swiss construction equipment manufacturer. “We have up to 80 hand-operated vibratory plates of various sizes in use and were enthusiastic about the hydraulic drive of these machines and the price-performance ratio right from the start,” emphasizes Jörg Fröhlich.

Fröhlich is an authorized signatory in the commercial administration for the companies Amand Bau Sachsen and Amand Transport Logistik and knows his stuff: “In the regular three- to five-year investment cycles of our group, I negotiate with various construction machinery manufacturers. And the cooperation with Ammann has always been excellent. The manufacturer was also able to demonstrate its capabilities when it came to the ARS 200. Short-term availability and competent advice tipped the scales in favor of Ammann. And then I was very surprised how quickly and precisely the ARS 200 achieved the desired compaction results.”

The performance of Ammann’s intelligent compaction technology was once again confirmed by final plate-pressure tests. “Due to the constantly changing ground conditions, the compaction work was very challenging. However, with the final plate pressure tests, we were able to prove that we could achieve the required values with the Ammann single drum Roller without any problems,” explains Senior Site Manager Dirk Hafermann.

The depth effect was top, because in general, the parameters of centrifugal force, frequency and the resulting amplitude are in an optimal symbiosis in the ARS 200 soil Compactor. “As a result,” knows Willi Reutter, Application Manager Heavy Equipment at Ammann, “you can pile up higher layers of material to be compacted and compact more cubic meters of material per hour with fewer passes.”

Amand authorized signatory Jörg Fröhlich states, “With a view to the excellent driving behavior even on inclines and an outstanding compaction performance in this machine class, the ARS 200 single drum Compactor has delivered perfect compaction values.” When Amand Bau Sachsen renews its Compactor fleet in the next investment cycle, the ARS Rollers from Ammann will be at the forefront of the tender.


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