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Build the Steel Allies to win the world-class competition

January 22, 2020

Recently, more than 320 domestic and overseas dealers, suppliers and major clients gathered to discuss about the results of practicing the Steel Allies philosophy, new opportunities and new challenges against the future cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries. Themed on “collaboration for evergreen business and peak development”, the workshop aims to pool the forces of the Steel Allies and make the blueprint for the future industrial development. 

XCMG will work with suppliers and other SMEs to build the Steel Allies, attempting to establish the global supply chain and “move in the same rhythm”. 

Video clip of XCMG Global Allies Cooperation Conference & Awarding Ceremony

Implement the philosophy by building the Steel Allies

In early stage, the Steel Allies philosophy was first implemented by establishing the Four-in-one Dimensional Operating Model of XCMG Foundation. The Four-in-one Model includes the manufacturer, supplier, user and dealer, securing efficient collaboration and synergy along the entire value chain, solving the problem of insufficient internal and external resources and realizing the corporate strategic goal together. 

The Four-in-one Operating Model

In the process of reform and transformation, XCMG again works together with dealers and suppliers for the purpose of risk control and market development. Adopting the philosophy of “navigating on the same boat and moving in the same rhythm”, they would think and move together towards the same goal, thus building the most robust Steel Allies and realizing progress while making results in the same industry and new market. 

Read aloud the declaration of the Steel Allies

With excellent results, win the battle for leading position in the industry

Gather the wisdom for the great cause, pool the energy for new progress. Thanks to the ideas and proposals offered by the industry experts, suppliers, dealers and other partners for market expansion product R&D, program review, and integration of component resources, etc., the export to Nigeria project became the largest export in the pile industry which is worth RMB 200 million. The XCMG XR800E, the world's largest-tonnage Rotary Drilling Rig currently working in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is also an achievement of the collective wisdom and force of the Steel Allies.

Shipment ceremony

The exceptional results have promoted the atmosphere of teamwork. XCMG continues to adopt the philosophy of Steel Allies. Cooperating with upstream and downstream partners, it builds confidence in corporate development, capability and products. All partners work with the same belief, actions and goals to promote the community of shared interest. Many XCMG partners in the Allies say they are willing to follow XCMG and go hand in hand with XCMG to achieve win-win development!

2020 XCMG Foundation Conference on Development of Industry Alliance

Walk robustly into the international market

To secure greater stability and progress in the international market, XCMG has established Advisory Committee for Overseas Foundation Construction Technology and Market Development, aiming to set up a platform of sharing information and resources for market development of global foundation construction and related equipment. It works as the think tank for the overseas construction business of XCMG Foundation, helping to boost global development of XCMG underground construction business. 

Advisory Committee for Overseas Foundation Construction Technology and Market Development was issuing the certificate of employment

In the vast market, pressure and opportunities co-exist.

Only building the Steel Allies can we secure win-win situation.

With determination, we create business that has never been done before.

With dedication to the motherland, we pool forces from all parties.

Build the Steel Allies to win the world-class competition!

We will definitely reach the peak of the industry!

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