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Gong Youliang, President of Nanchang Mining Machinery Group, Sun Jidong, Manager of Overseas Business Department of Nanchang Mining Machinery Group, and Aibrey, Manager of Russian Business, visited Baixingde.

July 09, 2024

July 9, 2024,Gong Youliang, President of Nanchang Mining Machinery Group、Sun Jidong, Manager of Overseas Business Department of Nanchang Mining Machinery Group、Abrey, the business manager of Russia, visited and exchanged with Baixingde,Yao Jianjun, general manager of Baixingde Company, personally received him.、Gu Qiang, Sales Department、Yao Jiacheng accompanied。First,Director Yao extended a warm welcome to President Gong and his party.,He also asked about the company's production status and future development trends.,It also introduces the development process and main products of the company.:Mine dust、Integral dust treatment equipment for mixing station、VOCAn introduction to the area of governance,And on the application of modern technology to all products operated by the company、Develop innovation and enhance the added value of products,And keep pace with the times according to customer needs,Common development is introduced in detail. , The above products are patented products independently developed by our company.。And then,Director Yao brings customers to the production workshop.,Introduce the production process of the company and the effect of the product more objectively。


The above is Director Yao's explanation of filter products to customers.

Finally,Director Yao added,The future development direction of the company is intellectualization.、Digitize,Realize intelligent manufacturing and application of equipment,In practical terms,Support national policy implementation and reduction of occupational health hazards,Improve the working environment,Need to continue to develop innovation and sustainable development, and at the same time let users experience the benefits of the effect mode.,Contribute to the development of environmental protection。


The above is General Manager Yao and the sales managers explaining the production process to the customers.



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