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German Quality and Efficiency Win the Future | Order 643! Sinotruk Shandeka leads high-powered gas vehicle market

July 09, 2024

Recently,“German Quality and Efficiency Win the Future”ShandekaG7H Launch Conference of 630 Super Power Gas Tractor in Xuzhou、Jining、Bozhou、Four cities in Zhoukou have launched one after another,ShandekaG7H 630 Horsepower Gas Vehicle Shines,Win the favor of card friends with the ultimate charm beyond expectation。

In recent years,High-powered Tractors are highly respected in the trunk logistics market.,However, the development of high-powered gas Tractors was once trapped in“Insufficient power”、“Aging lag”、“Enduring anxiety”Wait for the pain point。Sinotruk Shandeka's Role as an Industry Leader,Relying on strong scientific and technological strength and platform of Shandong Heavy Industry Group,Through power system upgrade and Vehicle performance improvement,Break the pain points of operation one by one,Winning the Trunk Logistics Market in an All-round Way。

ShandekaG7H 630 Super Power Gas Tractor Upgraded by 4 Steps,60 Performance Improvements,Face the pain points of the industry,Build the strongest benchmark in the gas Vehicle industry。The vehicle carries the latest WeichaiWP15NG4.0 engine,54.16%High thermal efficiency,Maximum 2800N.mTorque,Match the ninth generation of SinotrukS-AMT16Integrated transmission andMCYAxle,Comprehensive solar term 11%,Large gas bottle、Long endurance,Full of confidence on the road;Perfect application of aerodynamics,The drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is as low as 0..495Cd;Adopt a new generation of fullLEDCombination headlights、The industry's first airbags、New upgrade of rear axle shock absorber and other leading technologies,It has a super wide 1 meter sleeper.、12.3-inch intelligent voice interactive central control screen and other supreme and comfortable interior design and rich configuration,Create a cost-effective choice for high-end gas heavy Trucks,Let Card Friends Enjoy Transportation Life。


As a full-time reliable.“Spokesperson”,Since its listing, Shandeka has always adhered to innovation-driven as the core.,Constantly break through technical barriers,Walk in the forefront of the industry。For eleven years,Shandeka has achieved a miracle of rapid breakthrough of 250000 sales in production and marketing.,More than 6000 card friends have traveled more than 1 million kilometers.。At the meeting,“Knights of the Five Star Million”Members came to the scene,Tell the secret of efficient operation,With millions of achievements for ShandekaG7H 630 Gas Tractor Endorsement Testimony,Highlight the excellent quality of Shandeka products。Final,Four Cities Linkage Launch Conference with 634 ShandekaG7H The Order Volume of 630 Super Power Model Was Successfully Ended。

Write at the end:Sinotruk Shandeka is a high-end heavy Truck in China.“The ceiling”,From“Import substitution”To“Import overtaking”,Shandeka is already unique in China's commercial vehicle industry.“The most high-end”!Future,Shandeka will continue to insist“Customer satisfaction is our aim”Core values,With more advanced products、Technology、Service,Make customers more profitable!



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