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Ou Lisheng cooperates with Xinchang to upgrade the service of the whole country, the whole brand and the whole life cycle!

July 09, 2024

July 3,Ou Lisheng China and Sime Darby Xinchang Machine Engineering(Hunan)Ltd. held a grand signing ceremony of strategic cooperation in Changsha.。Strengthen the service network layout at the provincial level.,Building a nationwide grid service system,Practice Ou Lisheng's Long-term Market Service!

This cooperation marks a solid step forward in the field of aerial work services in Hunan.,Jointly open a new era of aerial work service in Hunan。

The strong unite,Deepen resource cooperation

Sime Darby Xinchang Machine Engineering(Hunan)Ltd. was established on December 1, 2010.,Is the sole distributor of Caterpillar in Hunan,Since its establishment, it has relied on its deep industry accumulation.、Rich product line and perfect service system,Become a construction machinery agent trusted by users。Its business covers the production of construction machinery.、Processing、Sale、Import and export、After-sales maintenance、Consulting services and leasing and other links,Can provide customers with a full range of、One-stop solution。

The signing ceremony,Wang Zhijun, General Manager of Ou Lisheng China、Service Director Zhong Wen、Mo Min, Sales Manager of Central and Southern District, and Other Teams Went to Xinchang Headquarters in Hunan,Hand in hand with Sime Darby Xinchang Machine Engineering(Hunan)Li Xiaozheng, general manager of Limited Company、Sime Darby Xinchang Machine Engineering(Guangdong)Long Teng, General Manager of Leasing and Second-hand Equipment Department of Limited Company,Operations Manager Wang Hui,Hu Yijie, leasing manager,Attend together,Witness this historic moment。

Since the signing of the contract,The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the following areas:First,Officially authorized to be Ou Lisheng Hunan Service Provider,The two sides are in the warehouse.、On-site service、Workshop maintenance、Appearance renovation、Sales of accessories、Comprehensive service work has been carried out in the aspects of advanced computer training and second mobile phone business.,Take provincial level as the unit,Construction of fast service channel;Second,Provide professional and systematic function configuration,So that customers do not have to run around,It can realize one-stop solution to high machine demand.;Third,Become the customer's equipment and business exchange center,No matter look at the car、Repair the car、Training or technical exchange?,Can be realized in Xinchang。

Common goals,Leading the new benchmark of the industry

The common goal of this cooperation between the two sides is to integrate resources.、Optimize the service process、Improve the quality of service,Jointly build the benchmark of Hunan aerial work service。

The two sides will be committed to achieving Ou Lisheng.“In-warranty service,Only fast but not broken;Equipment under warranty,The machine gives birth to youth;Training services,Teach a man to fish”The concept of service,To provide customers with more professional、Efficient、Comprehensive service experience,Promote the efficiency and cost reduction of the industry as a whole,Become the most trusted service provider for customers。

In China,For China!Ou Lisheng's cooperation is a practice.“Long-termism”Another important landing.,Ou Lisheng's firm post-market strategy is combined with Xinchang's excellent service strength.,It will inject stable momentum into cooperation.,Steady for the industry、Contribute to healthy development!



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