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Yilumei: Batch delivery of anti-collision vehicles of Guizhou Expressway Group!

July 09, 2024

The sun is warm,A tree-lined summer,Zhongshan Yilumei Company has delivered 18 intelligent anti-collision buffer Vehicles to Guizhou High Speed Group.,The anti-collision Vehicle operators and equipment management personnel were trained in theory and practice.。

The training activities are highly valued by the leaders of the group.,The contents of theoretical training of Yilumei Company include:Theoretical knowledge of crashworthy Vehicles、Operational specifications、Troubleshooting、Safety precautions、Disposal methods after being hit, etc.。

After theoretical training,The after-sales service team of Yilumei also carried out various configuration functions for anti-collision vehicles outdoors.、Practical operation method、Fixed-point operation and placement in construction area、Mobile operation following distance、The early warning system and other aspects were explained.;And the assessment was carried out.,Ensure that everyone understands the norms,Everyone can operate。

After the delivery of two batches of Yilumei anti-collision vehicles,It will be quickly applied to the construction field of each section of Guizhou Expressway Group.,For road-related construction、Safe Operation Escort。

Yilumei Company implements“Life comes first,People first”The idea of society,In the increasingly fierce industry competition,Continuously improve the bottom line of safety,Cherish every precious life.,Make every product with heart,Sincerely serve every customer,Practice“Where there is a way, there is an easy way.”The vision of the enterprise,Every Yi Lu beauty is making unremitting efforts.!



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