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Electric products were delivered in batches, and overseas orders of 100 million yuan were obtained, and the output reached a new high. Liugong mining machinery production and marketing are booming!

July 08, 2024

Recently,Liugong Mining Machinery Good News Continues,At home、Major breakthroughs have been made in the international market!More than ten Liugong electric wide-body Vehicles were successfully delivered to Yadong Cement,Liugong Mining Machinery Wins 100 Million yuan Orders in the International Market,Sales broke a record high in a single month.,The results are brilliant!



Batch delivery of Liugong electric wide-body Vehicles


July 6,More than ten LiugongDW105A-EPure Electric Wide-body Vehicle Successfully Delivered to Yadong Cement。Zhang Zhenkun, Chief Executive Officer of Yadong Cement、Pan Hengliang, Vice President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.、Xia Haoyuan, chairman of Jiangxi Haochuan, attended the delivery ceremony.。



Yadong Cement is a long-term business partner of Liugong.,He has purchased Liugong equipment in batches for many times and applied it to mine construction.。As an Asian cement(China)Holding Company(Large-scale comprehensive listed enterprises in cement industry)A subordinate enterprise of,Yadong Cement is committed to creating high environmental protection、High quality、High efficiency、Low cost“Three high and one low”A modern enterprise。



It is reported that,Yadong cement(Customer)The equipment used in the initial stage of entering the mining field is mainly foreign brands.。With the continuous technological breakthroughs made in China,、After the customer's investigation,Liugong with excellent performance、Reliable quality,Win the favor of mine customers。


Shipment of more than 100 sets!Liugong Mining Machinery production and marketing are booming


Since the second quarter,Liugong Mining Machinery presents a trend of booming production and marketing.。Recently,More than 100 sets of Liugong mining machinery and equipment were successfully sent overseas from Liugong Changzhou base.,It marks a major breakthrough in the global market of Liugong Mining Machinery.。



To ensure that orders are delivered on time and in accordance with the quality,All the staff of Liugong Mining Machinery are racing against time.、Close collaboration,Finally, the production capacity will be improved by leaps and bounds.,Monthly offline and shipment volume hit a new record high。



Future,Liugong Mining Machinery will continue to be guided by science and technology,Take quality as the cornerstone,Insist on customer first,Continuously achieve technological innovation,To be more efficient、Intelligence、Comprehensive solutions for environmental protection,Promote the sustainable development of the global mining industry。



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