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The future of intelligent drive can be expected | Sany Heavy Machinery Huzhou Loader Intelligent Factory

June 28, 2024

Sany Heavy Machinery Huzhou Loader Industrial Park is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang.,The total investment is 10.8 billion yuan.,The total land area is 1567 mu。Its annual production capacity of loaders is as high as 30000 units.,The annual output value is expected to reach 11 billion yuan.。

Walk inside the factory.,Advanced bevel、Dusting、Orderly operation of intelligent equipment such as welding and assembly robots,Efficient operation of automated production lines。Informatization、Deep integration of digitalization and intellectualization,Make every production link accurate and correct.。First-class manufacturing technology is demonstrated here.,Every loader embodies exquisite skills and innovative wisdom.。

April 2024,Led by the Digital Intelligence Department of Sany Heavy Machinery,Joint R & D、The fifth batch of intelligent factory projects of Huzhou Economic and Information Bureau, which were jointly declared by many departments such as technology, were successfully approved.。This landmark achievement,It is not only an affirmation of the past efforts of Sany Heavy Machinery Huzhou Loader Factory.,It also foreshadows its broad development prospects in the future.。

Huzhou Loader Factory not only pays attention to the input of hardware facilities,More and more efforts have been made on the software system.。Independent research and developmentmes、aps、plmWait for the system,Carry 5G Engine ,Realize horizontal service digitalization and vertical service intelligent management。Intelligent management and control from order to delivery,Successfully transform the production model from inventory-driven to data-driven,Production efficiency has been greatly improved,Steady growth in capacity output,The level of lean production and management has reached a new height。

In the future journey,Sany Huzhou Loader Factory will unswervingly devote itself to improving the level of research and development and application of loaders.,Continuous strengthening of technological advantages。Take innovation as the engine,Take quality as the cornerstone,To inject continuous impetus into the upgrading and development of China's loader industry,Leading the industry to higher quality、A new era of greater intelligence。



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