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Small stature, big ability! Zoomlion Mini Excavators Are Popular in Overseas Exhibitions

June 19, 2024

At“The global village”Thinking and“Localization”Under the guidance of strategy,More and more intelligent equipment of Zoomlion are sailing out to sea.。In the near future,Zoomlion Miniature Excavators Frequently Appear at Overseas Exhibitions,Meet more overseas customers at zero distance,With“Small stature、Great ability”Win wide recognition。

June fourth,Queensland, Australia,The largest annual commercial agricultural event in the regionElders FarmFestGo,Zoomlion's three Excavator/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Mini ExcavatorsZE18GU、ZE26GU、ZE35GUShining appearance,They are available on municipal roads.、Farmland transformation、It plays an important role in the operation environment such as loading and unloading in small areas.,Attracted many Australian customers to come to consult.。

Zoomlion Mini Excavator Unveiled at Australian Local Exhibition

As a hot product of Zoomlion Micro Digging,The three mini-excavators displayed on the spot are easy to operate.、Flexible and fast features,The operation efficiency can be effectively improved.、Reduce labor and usage costs。The turning radius of the product tail is less than the width of the track.,True tailless slewing is achieved,More suitable for construction in narrow spaces,At the same time,They are equipped with crushing lines.、Hydraulic quick-change lock line,It can meet the needs of local customers to use various accessories.。

Positioning from Australia to Europe,Zoomlion Mini Excavators are also favored.。

June 7,Poland's Largest Work Machinery ExhibitioneRobocze ShowGo,Of the same type“Weidiao Sanjie”The same“Show off the whole audience”,Compact body、Strong digging ability,Let overseas customers praise after understanding and experiencing.。They are constructed in combination.“Golden Partner”Skid Steer Loader and rich functional accessories,Fully meet the specific needs of the European market。

Overseas Customers Experience Zoomlion Mini Excavator at Poland Exhibition

In order to show the product performance more intuitively,Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery has set up a dynamic display area at the site.,Customers can not only see the details of the product at close range,You can also operate the equipment in person.。Local and Lithuanian、New and old customers from neighboring countries such as Czechoslovakia came in droves.,In-depth discussion and negotiation with Zoomlion staff,They are unanimously optimistic about the development prospects of Zoomlion in the Eastern European market.。

Overseas Customers Experience Zoomlion Mini Excavator at Poland Exhibition

“At present,We have a number of industry-leading products in the high-end small device segment.,In the design of the whole machine、Reliability and micro-control have been significantly improved.。For different national and regional markets,We're localizing.、Customized research and development,And expand the coverage of the product spectrum.,Provide more for global customers、A better choice。”Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery overseas responsible person said.。



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