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Large Electric Urban Construction Dregs Truck, the Largest Order in China, Long-distance Pure Electric Dump Truck Delivered to Wenzhou Major Customers

June 07, 2024

June sixth,Hundred remote 423kWh Handover Ceremony of Pure Electric Dump Truck Successfully Held in Wenzhou,The order set a record.The largest order record of urban construction muck Truck with large electric quantity in China。This batch of remote 423kWhThe pure electric dump Truck will give full play to its power after delivery.、Advantages such as reliability and efficiency,Significantly improve the level of new energy transport capacity of customers,To provide an important boost for the construction of Wenzhou's zero-carbon green transport ecosystem。

New ecology、New model

Accelerating Low-Carbon Transformation and Upgrading

In recent years,Wenzhou Seizes the Strategic Opportunity of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization,Anchor New Energy Track,Focus on building a national new energy production center and application demonstration city,Accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation。Early this year,Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and Geely Holding Group Sign Project Cooperation Framework Agreement,Jointly create a green low-carbon transportation demonstration city。Remote as Geely's new energy commercial Vehicle group,It will be gradually formed in Wenzhou.Manufacturing of new energy commercial Vehicles、Operate、Service、Finance and other whole industry chains,Help the local economy develop with high quality。

Since its establishment nearly ten years ago,,Long-range new energy commercial Vehicles“Electric+Alcohol hydrogen”Based on the two major technical routes,Around“Cars and goods、Cars and energy、Car and environment”Three synergies,Building an innovative business model,It realizes the full scene coverage of new energy heavy truck to logistics.,Lead the heavy truck market to accelerate the switch of new energy。So far,Long-range has become the leading enterprise of the new commercial vehicle forces including the five major product lines of the whole system.,The market share of products remained high.,It has been fully recognized by the market and users.。

Sufficient power、Strong load bearing

Create efficient green dregs transportation experience

The pure electric Dump Truck delivered to Wenzhou customers is equipped with a mature three-power system.,Carry high-power power motor,And match the mainstream brand of power battery pack.,High-efficiency high-power output can be realized,The starting acceleration is fast,Easily handle a variety of ramps、Curves and other working conditions。To ensure the safety of daily operation,The whole vehicle is equipped with cast steel two-stage deceleration middle and rear axles which have been tested by the market for many years.,Double layer composite frame,The bearing capacity is strong,Performs well in harsh operating environment,And that reliability is high,And configureADAS、AEBS、ESC、360 look around function+Audible and visual alarm+Blind area radar and other active safety systems,It can greatly improve the safety of vehicle operation.。In addition,The vehicle also supports fast charging mode.,Satisfy the customer24-hour operation requirements。According to feedback from Wenzhou customers,After preliminary trial,The comprehensive performance of this batch of remote pure electric Dump Trucks is excellent,The operation experience is good,Great value for money。

It is necessary to maintain the daily operation of such a large-scale pure electric dump fleet.,Energy supplement facilities are very important.,Wenzhou customers not only have their own charging piles and other facilities,It has also laid out some supplementary energy business in the operation area.,The supporting facilities are perfect。In addition,Remote Sunshine Mingdao Ecological Platform can match charging stations for customers who lack energy supplement facilities.,Provide more perfect operation guarantee for pure electric heavy trucks delivered to customers,And around“Vehicle、Electricity、Station”Provide customized full life cycle integrated services,Covering finance、Energy、Logistics、Digital information, etc.。After-sales service,Remote can also provide on-board maintenance services,Realized“Where the car is delivered and where the after-sales service is”,Intimate degree is full.。

Based on this delivery,Long distance will also join hands with Wenzhou customers in the development of green and low-carbon transportation.、Demonstration and application of alcohol-hydrogen automobile、All-round cooperation in building new energy commercial vehicle regional factories and other fields。In the future,Remote will continue to provide high-quality new energy heavy trucks for partners around the world,Construct a perfect new energy transport capacity ecology,Create a new situation of zero-carbon land transportation with partners,Contribute more to the development of new energy commercial vehicle industry and the creation of a sustainable future。



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