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Lingong Heavy Machinery Forklift Truck Shines at HIRE24 Exhibition in Australia

June 07, 2024

HIRE24 Exhibition,Lingong Heavy Machinery(Hereinafter referred to asLGMG)Hit hard!4-6 Jun,LGMGAs soon as the two Truck/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Forklift Trucks appeared, they attracted wide attention in the industry.。

H1840 YesLGMGThe first Truck/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Forklift Truck model introduced to the Australian market in 2023,Maximum working height up to 17.6 meters,Maximum load 4 tons。This model is equipped with international famous brand Perkins engine.,Provide strong power,Easy to lift。H625 YesLGMGNew models introduced into the local market this year,ReflectLGMGForklift Trucks are very popular in the Australian market。

HThe 625 uses a hydrostatic drive system,Comfortable operation,Quick response。HThe 1840 uses a power shift transmission driveline,Provides greater low-speed traction,Improve off-road ability in bad road conditions。

LGMGForklift has front wheel steering、Three steering modes of crab steering and pivot steering,Flexible operation in narrow space。With emergency steering function and frame leveling function,Ensure safe operation,Unafraid of any terrain challenge。At the same timeLGMGForklift truck can be equipped with a variety of accessories,Meet the needs of diversified operations。

In additionLGMGThe new crank arm is also on display.AR24JAndAR11J。AR24JMaximum working height is 26.6 meters,It is the highest one in the current crank arm series.。AR11JVery popular in Australia.,Platform height 10.75 meters,The structure is compact,Meet the needs of low-altitude operation。

LGMGHe has participated in several consecutive sessions.HIREExhibition,Continue to promote locallyLGMGThe latest products and developments。LGMGAttaches great importance to and is optimistic about the Australian high-tech market,Australia branch was established last year.,Established perfect sales、Service、After-market system of accessories,With excellent product quality and service,Win the recognition and trust of customers。



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