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Meet in Turkey! Zoomlion Coming to KOMATEK 2024 International Construction Machinery Exhibition

May 28, 2024

May 29—June 1,17th Turkey International Construction Machinery、Technology and Equipment Trade Fair(Hereinafter referred to as TurkeyKOMATEKExhibition)It will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center。Zoomlion, the leading equipment manufacturing enterprise,Will carry its construction hoisting machinery、Earth-moving machinery、AeriaL Work Machinery、Construction hoisting machinery、Concrete Machinery、Foundation construction machinery、More than 30 products in 7 categories, such as Vehicles/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Industrial Vehicles, made a grand appearance.。

It is understood that,TurkeyKOMATEKThe exhibition is held every two years.,It has been more than 30 years since 1991.,It is the largest in Turkey.、Most professional、The most influential construction machinery exhibition。The current TurkeyKOMATEKThe exhibition is expected to cover more than 500 brands.,And welcomed more than 40 thousand professional audiences.,This is the second time that Zoomlion has directly participated in the exhibition.,Will be for the Middle East、Customers in Central Asia and Southern Europe bring more equipment products.。

In the field of construction crane,Zoomlion to Bring Telescopic Crawler CraneZCT1000VAnd off-road wheel craneZRT850V。Among,ZCT1000VIt is one of the hot-selling products of Zoomlion in the European and American markets.,It integrates the high-strength boom of the Truck_crane/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Truck Crane and the stable dismounting of the Crawler Crane.,Maximum lifting torque 315 t/m,And a maximum lifting capacity of 14 tons of full reach.,Perfectly suitable for auxiliary hoisting of wind power、Prefabricated housing construction and other complex environments。

Zoomlion telescopic Crawler CraneZCT1000V

Seven star products of Earthmoving Machinery will also appear this year.KOMATEKExhibition,IncludeZE18GU、ZE75G、ZE135G、ZE215GLC、ZE335G、ZE500GAnd other micro and medium and Excavator/ 'target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Large Excavators,And Skid Steer LoadersZS090V。Among,ZE215GLCWith its industry-leading 125CCMain pump for flow design,Significantly reduced pressure loss,It greatly improves the operation efficiency.,At the same time, the specially strengthened supporting wheel chassis structure also ensures the reliability of the product under complex working conditions.。ZE335GAndZE500GAdopt positive flow hydraulic control system,Further reducing fuel consumption,At the same time, the consumption of urea is synchronized with the fuel.,Significantly reduce maintenance costs。

Zoomlion medium and large ExcavatorZE500G

Zoomlion Intelligent High-speed Machine has developed rapidly in recent years.,Already ranked in the United KingdomKHL Global AeriaL Work Machinery Enterprise Ranking No.7 in 2023,This time, 15 AeriaL Work Platforms will be presented.,Among them, there are 14 electric products.。With new productsZS1218ERTCross-country scissor aerial work platform as an example,It is modular、Lightweight、Generalization、Intelligent and other modern design means,Superior off-road performance、Strong site adaptability、Convenient and quick maintenance and the like.,With rental operation based on Internet of Things+Integrated management platform for equipment monitoring,Make fleet operation management simple and efficient。

Zoomlion Cross-Country Scissors Aerial Work PlatformZS1218ERT

The current TurkeyKOMATEKAt the exhibition,Zoomlion's product line will bring the display of parts that local customers are most concerned about.。It will be displayed on the spotL68 standard sections and the new electronic control 810 series frequency converter and controller,The new electronic control system of Zoomlion Tower Crane has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of intelligent safety technology.,The anti-collision function realizes the functions of alarming and controlling the remote wind vane.,Users use mobile phonesAPPThe convenient monitoring and operation of the weathercock state can be realized.,It can better guarantee the construction safety of users.。At the same time,The site will also carry out 5GLong-range tournament,Customers will operate Tower Cranes thousands of kilometers away in Changde, Hunan Province.,Intuitively feel the technological hard power of Zoomlion。

Zoomlion flat-head Tower CraneWA6515-8F

Zoomlion Concrete Machinery also brings a short boom pump Truck 38X-5RZ,Which has the advantages of high pumping efficiency,、And that reliability is high、Wide construction scene and the like.,It is a popular star product in the Turkish market.。Its boom is guaranteed for 8 years./No cracking 450000 cubic meter,Exceed European standards,Localized assembly also makes the choice of product chassis more flexible.,Appreciated by customers。

Zoomlion Concrete Pump Truck 38X-5RZ

In the field of foundation construction,Zoomlion for European Market,Europe was launched in 2023.VNew emission standardsUSeries of products,Full benchmarking of European high-end products,This will bring an upgraded Rotary Drilling Rig.ZR255U,Its energy consumption is low in the local actual construction.、High efficiency,Can cope with different working conditions,It is well received by Turkish customers。

Zoomlion Rotary Drilling RigZR255U

Zoomlion Industrial Vehicle Company is accelerating technological innovation and market expansion.,For the European market demand to create a number of excellent performance products.,This time it will be displayedFB30S、FB35SAndFB50SDual-drive lithium battery Forklift Truck,FD30ZInternal combustion counterbalance Forklift Truck、DB20 Walking Stacker Forklift andFE16H、FE20HThree-fulcrum lithium battery forklift,To be rich and varied、Green intelligence、Reliable and comfortable product matrix,Grasp new market opportunities。


Some Forklift Products of Zoomlion to Be Unveiled

“Since the establishment of a subsidiary in Istanbul in 2018,We continue to expand airport construction in Turkey.,Eight outlets have now been established in Turkey.、3 central warehouses,Increasingly perfect sales and service network。At present,Zoomlion has been firmly in the first echelon of local industry brands,We will take advantage of this exhibition opportunity.,Promote more competitive products for customers、Technology and services。”Zoomlion overseas company responsible person said.。

May 29—June 1,Istanbul Exhibition Center,Indoor 5-5102、OutdoorABooth 101,Zoomlion is looking forward to your visit.!



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