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Together with Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle "Western Federation of Things Dongfeng Special Promotion Meeting" was successfully held

May 17, 2024

Recently,Pangang Group International Economic Trade Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as Pangang Group)Join hands again with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.,Through in-depth discussions and innovative cooperation initiatives,Jointly promote the logistics industry in western China to be more environmentally friendly、The direction of intelligent development。May 16,The two sides successfully held in Chengdu.“Western Federation of Things Dongfeng Special Promotion Meeting”,Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Gas and Tram Product Introduction for more than 60 small and medium-sized entity logistics companies in the industry,The strategic partnership between the two sides will be pushed to a new stage of development.,It opens a new course of deep collaborative innovation between the two.。

Deepen cooperation,TampingEVIProject,Blueprint for Sustainable Development

More than twenty years ago.,Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group have established a cooperative relationship.。To create a new situation of win-win development,Since 2006, they have been held every year.“Panzhihua Steel-Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Exchange Meeting”,Based on joint product development、Technology cost reduction、Optimization of material selection and other aspects,Further expand the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two sides——Extend from technical communication to quality、Manufacture、Procurement、Delivery、Transportation、Services and other fields,Covering the whole value chain;Expand from girder steel to hot rolling、Cold rolling、Pickling and other products,Full coverage of varieties。In Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle“Lightweight、Electrification、Intelligent、Networking、Sharing”Developing,Pangang has also been awarded Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle for five consecutive years.“The best supplier”Title。

2023,Launch of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group“EVIJoint office of the project”,Adhere to the integration of their respective advantages and resources,Close cooperation from the early stage of product development,Explore new technologies together、Application of New Materials in Commercial Vehicle,Solve the pain points of the industry,Accelerate product iteration and upgrade。EVI(Early Vendor Involvement,Early supplier intervention)Establishment of mechanism,The two sides have strengthened the research on the application of cutting-edge technologies.,It can not only shorten the cycle of new products from R & D to market.,It can also ensure that products are more suitable for market demand.,Provide more personalization for customers、Value-added solutions。

Join hands with value chain partners,Draw a new picture of green and intelligent logistics

This time“Western Federation of Things Dongfeng Special Promotion Meeting”It's a pair of two.EVIAn innovative practice of the project.。The promotion meeting attracted leaders of more than 60 small and medium-sized logistics companies and fleets from the western region.,It witnessed the brilliant appearance of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Electric Dump Truck and Tractor Gas Vehicle.。Activity site,The person in charge of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle not only introduced the gas products and tram products of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle in detail.,It also joined hands with Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group to customize a special business promotion program.,It aims to provide more cost-effective transportation solutions for logistics customers participating in the event.。

Tong Sanmin, Vice Minister of Marketing Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., said at the meeting.:“2024,Under the superposition of multiple factors,As the core link of the steel supply chain,Steel Logistics,Especially the steel logistics for infrastructure,Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are becoming more and more urgent,Become the core demand of current user friends。Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle as the National Team,Always keep close to the market、Craftsman mentality close to users,Through the market、In-depth study of the industry,And in-depth communication and mutual learning with users and friends.,It has developed customized products for the steel logistics industry,Including traditional energy and new energy products。By widely absorbing the suggestions of users,Continuous improvement of vehicle details,Polishing fine products。At the same time,Provide users with a worry-free service plan,And rich aftermarket products,Further reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers。”

Wu Lin, deputy general manager of Panzhihua Steel Vanadium Co., Ltd. of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, also affirmed and expected the promotion meeting.:“Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group、Dongfeng Motor as Steel-Upstream and downstream enterprises of automobile industry chain,The partnership has been established since 1998,Continue to deepen cooperation,Mutual trust has been formed.、Support each other、Deep and interdependent partnership,Many cooperation projects have been reached.,Today's special promotion meeting of Dongfeng products,The main purpose is to provide more preferential treatment for the majority of carriers.、More convenient procurement channels for freight vehicles,Realize Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co、Multi-party Cooperation between Dongfeng Company and Logistics Company,Achieve mutual benefit and reciprocity、The goal of win-win cooperation,Push steel、Car、High-quality development of logistics and other industries。”

Strong alliance,Mediated by product and project collaboration,Promoting the Deep Integration of Strategic Development,The promotion meeting of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group received unanimous praise from the participating logistics providers.,It also marks a new starting point for the development of the two.。At the same time,“Western Federation of Things Dongfeng Special Promotion Meeting”Successfully held,It not only opens up a broader prospect for cooperation between the two sides.,It also sets a model of green transformation for the whole logistics industry.。Through the further deepening of cooperation between the two andEVIContinuous progress of the project,The two sides will work together to solve key technical problems in green logistics.,Join hands with value chain partners,Promote the commercial vehicle industry to be more environmentally friendly、Intelligent direction of development,In order to achieve the carbon peak、Carbon Neutrality Target Contribution。



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