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Xiamen Intelligent Construction Equipment Exhibition and "Intelligent Construction Innovation Leading" Summit Forum Successfully Held

May 13, 2024

To promote Xiamen and the whole province

High-quality development of intelligent construction

Accelerate the formation of new quality productivity in the field of housing construction

9-12 May

Sponsored by the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau

Intelligent Construction Equipment Exhibition

Held in Hall 3 of Xiamen International Expo Center

The exhibition attracted the Fourth Bureau of China Construction、China Construction Third Engineering Bureau、Zhongjian Strait、CCCC Third Harbor、Special housing construction worker、Many units such as Shanjian Huaxi participated in the exhibition.。Period,Hold “Intelligent construction and innovation lead”Summit Forum activities。Zhang Jinjin, deputy director of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau、Party member Chen Xingxin and others attended.。

Walk into the exhibition area of more than 3000 square meters.

What comes into view is brought by several exhibitors.

Frontier Science and Technology and Innovation Achievements

This exhibition focuses on the field of intelligent construction.

Fully demonstrated 5GRemotely controlled Tower Crane

Intelligent dredging robot、Shield Machine

Intelligent measurement、High formwork monitoring, etc.

A series of high-end self-developed intelligent construction equipment

And intelligent construction of collaborative management platform.

Independent R & D software platform

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau

The Third Bureau of China Construction demonstrated a series of intelligent construction equipment developed by itself.,Including 5GRemotely controlled Tower Crane、Building machine、Deep tunnel inspection robot and dredging robot, etc.。Among,Intelligent equipment 5GThe remote control of Tower Crane realizes the remote control technology of multi-information fusion tower crane.,Completely changed the traditional tower crane operation mode.,It not only greatly improves the working environment of operators,,And that work efficiency is improved.,But also remarkably improves the safety performance of the tower crane.,Reduced accident risk。With 5GPopularization of network and expansion of application scenarios,This technology will be gradually applied to more fields and scenarios.,Bring more far-reaching impact to the construction industry。

Zhongjian Strait

Zhongjian Strait Demonstrates Enterprise LevelBIM+Cloud platform、BIM+System generation brain platform such as operation and maintenance integrated management platform,The project has been established.、Planning、Design、The whole process from construction to operation and maintenance、Digital management of all factors。Intelligent manufacturing,It is shownpc+psDual-system national prefabricated building industry base andMIIAFabricated Machine Room Construction Technology,The intelligent exterior wall spraying robot is demonstrated.、Secondary Development Robot Dog、Measuring and lofting robots and other auxiliary OEM intelligent equipment,It can be more stable、Efficient、Safety assistance for site construction。

China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau

Among the more than 10 R & D achievements displayed by the Fourth Bureau of China Construction,It focuses on cloud construction factories and self-developed drilling robots.。The cloud building plant under research is supported by a jacking system.、Intelligent control system、It consists of seven parts, such as cloud-mounted robots.,And combineBIM+Technology、Build intelligent robots、IntelliSense、Cloud computing and other technologies,Promote the industrialization of field operation、Intelligent construction management and control level。

The Sixth Project of CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.(Xiamen)Limited company

The Sixth Project of CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.(Xiamen)Ltd. has independently developed a production and operation data acquisition system.、Intelligent operation platform and equipment、Management system for receiving, dispatching, storing and the like of material object,Effectively improve the level of on-site management。Subordinate Five Majors Take the Initiative to Embrace“Zhi Gai Shu Zhuan”,Intelligent production of segments、Intelligent detection system、ConcreteERPAdministration、Ship intelligent monitoring management system, etc.,Effectively enhance the company's competitive advantage in the intelligent construction industry.。

Special housing construction worker

Special Housing Construction Industry Actively Integrates into the Development Concept of New Quality Productivity,Demonstrate the company's intelligent construction、BIMTechnology、Assembly decoration and other application results, as well as three-dimensional scanner、Intelligent equipment such as lofting robots,Improve the technical level of site construction。

Build West China well

Shanjian Huaxi fully demonstrates Huaxi Group“The whole industry chain of construction”On it“Number”“Intelligence”“Double Carbon”Achievements of three dominant industries,Lightweight modular super high-rise intelligent construction platform、JpFull-sequence tower crane、Intelligent green unmanned Construction Elevators and other technology products have appeared.。At the exhibition,Shanjian Huaxi also displayed the Huaxi Engineering Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park.、Xiamen International Business CenterAIntelligent construction industrial base and specific application projects such as 1 plot project。

Haimai Technology

Haimai Technology“Multi-agent collaboration、The whole process is online、Cloud service support、Credible chain conduction”As the core,Combine the new generation of information technology with engineering management,Build a comprehensive perception、Interconnection、Real-time and accurate、Coordinated operation、Autonomous and Efficient Collaborative Management Platform for Intelligent Construction,Realize engineering construction“All elements、The whole process、Full chain”Digital management and control。

Xiamen Zhijian Industrial Interconnection Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Zhijian Industrial Interconnection Co., Ltd. has released an intelligent city-level industrial interconnection platform.,Committed to building with data at the core、Industrial ecological system with platform as carrier,Realize data sharing、Business collaboration、Value co-creation。

During the exhibition,Exhibitors demonstrate through equipment、Explain on the spot、Video playback and case presentation.,All kinds of intelligent construction equipment and leading engineering technologies and their applications are introduced in detail.,They had in-depth exchanges with visitors and colleagues who came to visit and consult.,It has played a positive role in the propaganda and guidance of intelligent construction.。

On the afternoon of May 10

As an important activity of this exhibition.

“Intelligent construction and innovation lead”Forum

It went smoothly

The forum is organized by Xiamen Construction Qualification Education Association.、Fujian Civil Engineering Construction Industry Association、Xiamen Guomao Feichi Exhibition Co., Ltd.。

At the meeting,Deputy Director Zhang Jinjin delivered a speech on behalf of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau.。He said,We should thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the development of new quality productive forces.,Fully carry forward the spirit of Xiamen as a pilot city of intelligent construction to try and explore first.,Promoting independent innovation in science and technology,Improve the modern industrial system in the field of construction and strengthen cooperation and exchanges,Contribute to the construction of a new pattern of intelligent construction innovation and development。

Li Yungui, Chief Expert of China Construction Group Limited,Lin Shuzhi, former second-level inspector of Xiamen Traffic Bureau,Luo Hanbin, Director of National Digital Construction Technology Innovation Center,Xu Bin, Distinguished Professor of Huaqiao University,Zhang Lu, Research Institute of Guanglianda Group“Development Process and Trend of Intelligent Construction”“Intelligent Construction Boosts the Transformation of Construction Industry”“Key Technology of Intelligent Monitoring for Construction Quality of High-rise Building”“Steel-New detection technology and application of common defects in concrete composite structures and prefabricated structures”“Industrial enterprise project site intelligent construction landing application-Digital worksite”And so on made the report for the subject.,Leaders from the city's housing and urban and rural construction fields、More than 180 experts and representatives of relevant enterprises participated in offline communication and learning.,Viewed 683 times online。

Excellent reports from the participants

Intelligent construction for communication

And the latest progress in the field of green and low-carbon

Summarize intelligent construction

And green low-carbon practical application experience

It provides an important way to promote the development and application of intelligent equipment.

The Intelligent Construction Equipment Exhibition and“Intelligent construction and innovation lead”The summit forum showcased advanced technologies and products related to intelligent construction.,Experts and scholars gathered to share advanced experience and achievements,Comprehensive and in-depth exhibition and exchange,Explore the development trend of future industry,It helps to promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry in our city and the whole province.。The Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau will fully absorb the results of the exhibition and forum.,Speed up the improvement of the modern industrial system in the construction field,Constructing a New Pattern of Intelligent Construction Innovation and Development。


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