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BICES 2023 | Road Machinery Network invites you to explore the new "path" of enterprise digital transformation

September 18, 2023

Road mechanical net (Booth number: E2359 )Sincerely invite you to come

September 20-September 23,Road Machinery network carrying digital platform——Beijing Moxun Universal Network Technology Co., Ltd.(Short name:Moxun Technology)The Latest Digital Marketing and Service Solutions Appeared at the 16th China International Construction Machinery、Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technical Exchange(BICES 2023),Fully promote the digital transformation of enterprises。

The Road Machinery network booth is located atEBooth 2359,Adhering to Making Global Construction Machinery Trading Simpler、Make marketing management easier、Let the exhibition show three simpler ideas.,We will show you the global remote trade negotiation system on site.、Face to face translation system、Multilingual business card system、A full range of digital marketing service solutions including after-sales service remote collaboration system.,You are cordially invited to come.。

Moxun Technology Business Sector

The overall solution of enterprise digitalization is unveiled.

At the Road Machinery network booth.,We have joined hands with Moxun Technology to create a digital experience area.,Various systems will be vividly deduced.,Let you experience the digital innovation achievements created by the Road Machinery Network in an all-round way。After-sales service remote collaboration system equipped on site、Global Marketing&Service system、Global Remote Trade Negotiation System、VRImmersive digital display and marketing system、Kunpeng digital exhibition system and other new technologies、A fascinating demonstration of new applications,It will provide enterprises from home to overseas.、From product presentation to remote after-sales service、Total digital solutions from marketing to exhibition services,Help enterprises realize intelligent marketing、Globalization of business,Towards High Quality Development。

Moxun Technology was founded in 2012.,Rooted in the deep thinking and understanding of the construction machinery industry scenario and business model of China Road Machinery Network over the past 20 years,Continuous exploration and innovation of digitalization direction of construction machinery industry based on China Road Machinery Network,Moxun Technology came into being,Focus on providing digital transformation solutions for more enterprises。


Road mechanical net&Effect drawing of Moxun Technology booth 

Professional reporting and dissemination of the grand occasion of the exhibition

In addition to bringing the latest enterprise digital marketing solutions,,As a professional and authoritative portal for the construction machinery industry,Road Machinery Network will also set up a professional reporting team.,ThroughPC、Mobile terminal、VRLook at the cloud exhibition、Video and other forms,Panoramic Communication Exhibition,Take you to enjoy the most concerned feast of construction machinery this year,Let you enjoy it at one time.!We actively publicize and report in the early stage.BICES While preparing for 2023,It will continue to work hard,During the exhibition、Greater efforts should be made in follow-up reports and other aspects.。

Four years away,We are about to meet again after a long separation,BICES The grand opening of 2023 is coming.,Let us embrace the joy,Look forward to the industry event in the golden autumn of September,Gather with old and new friends in Beijing,Conspire for development!

Road mechanical net (Booth number:E2359)Look forward to your visit.!

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